Feminist GA Planning Meeting Notes 5.24.12

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Marie was facilitator for this meeting.

Quick Announcements:
New participant, Tif, came to this meeting.   Let us know about the OWS Queer Caucus and that PRIDE will be taking place on June 24th.
Fran from the Joy of Resistance program would like some footage for her show.
The Dyke March will be happening June 23rd (suggested pride activity by Lorena).

Marie began the meeting by asking everyone what their overall thought of the Feminist GA on 5.17.12 were, and what were some things we could do better?

Everyone agreed that the energy was good and the things that we good have done better:

1). Values (this was echoed throughout the meeting). What to do with values? Next time how to display the values so that everyone can see them?
2). Of course more talking but also more action planning (Judith)
3). More presence for the organizations in attendance. This was also said more than once.
4). The need for more people of color.
5). Better access for people with physical disabilities (Jill).  Do we always need to have our GA’s outdoors?
6). Being more vigilant about timekeeping.

Agenda Suggestions:
Simran suggested talking about what was discussed in the breakout groups.
Judith suggested prioritize what we discuss regarding feedback.
Dior shared some negative feedback that was said about the Feminist GA.

We took a temperature check on when she hold the next GA. The two options were doing it on a specific (number) date each month or doing it on a specific day of the week –near unanimous vote for a specific date. The date voted on for the next GA was Monday June 18th.

Some crucial questions/proposals were put forth for what to do at the next GA. I also think a few other topics made their way into this section of the meeting.

Judith: How to go about doing better outreach. We should show up strategically.
Margo: Suggested better displays for people.
Natalie: suggested combing over the notes/report backs from each group to see if there was a connecting them among them.
Mel: Suggested having the banner at WOW meetings and at events to which we show up.
Janet: Wanted to support PRIDE activities. Also wanted to work with a group for looking over the notes. Dior, Natalie, Janet, Judith and Lisa volunteered to look over report back notes.
Jill: Wanted to know the LOCATION of the next GA.
Marie: Adament about getting the names on the sign-up sheet onto a listserv.
Judith: Suggested having two listservs: one for the planning committee and a general Feminist GA list.
Lorena: Next GA should be more about action.
Tiff: Wanted the FeministGA to work with PRIDE events/march that will be happening.
Lisa: We need to speak to people’s sentiments, reinvigorate feminism. Not come to the GA with answers, but come with questions. We should also look into giving organizations present 20 minutes on the floor.

*The question of whether FeministGA was separate from WOW still needs to be discussed.
This led into the conversation of what kind function the FeministGA will serve going forward.

1). A hub for networking with other organizations.
2). We should always start our GA’s with the small groups of three.
3). Assessing our needs and wants in this movement. What is this movement?
4). Being specific about the email lists.
5). Streamlining what we discuss at GA’s. Maybe coming with a topic to discuss.  (Dior and Alix).

Margo volunteered to begin the thank you email to everyone who came out to the FeministGA.

Meeting ended a little after 9:30.

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