Fem GA planning mtg minutes 5/2/12

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Hey All –
Here are the minutes – please have a look and let me know if there is anything that needs attention.  At the end of the PERMIT section I have noted that I was unsure of what we had decided – can someone let me know?
After I make the corrections I will put it in Google Docs for the planning group.
Have a great day!

WOWS Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2012

111 Worth Street
Foley Square

In attendance:
Lisa – Minutes
Kathleen – Stack
Margo – Facilitation

Agenda items:
Contacting orgs.
Press releasee
Agenda -FemGA
Mic check
screen printers guild
film of WOWS

Report backs:
Christine – talked to Kitchen – we need transportation, servers for them – we need to organize that.  I have emails for contact.
Lisa – ASL interpreters and Spanish Translation – We have on ASL intrprtr I will commit to having a precise team by Mon. the 7th
Mel – asks that we talk to Mical about illuminator – if that can also be used for translation and ASL interpretation.
Dior – report back on BAI – they are having fundraiser – not a good time for them
Mel – report back  – we have the Grannies, and Mahina Mvmnt – asks if we want Rev Billy?
Amelia – report back from Library – they will be at Fem GA

Discussion on food
Dior: doesn’t understand why we need food.
Alex  – POI – someone at first FemGa said they would be hungry at that time
Kathleen: POI – at Spokes and GA we always had food there.
Mel – What about a potluck as a happy medium?
Lisa proposed – that we find out if we want to have a potluck – and get it done here
Kathleen: feels we should use kitchen
Simran – we should find drivers and use the benches
Christine – we need a approx. head count
Mel – we may have 100 – not sure
Lisa – Kitchen should offer options from experience since we can’t predict a number for head count
Christine  – will continue to talk to kitchen.


Mel – emailed Lawrence Segal – he did not get back in touch – she suggested we write a letter to Park dept.
Amelia – said we don’t need a permit park and that the park closes at 12
Lisa – against park permit   – it’s our park – we could reassure and educate people

Temp check for discussion on park permit: up twinkles

Mel – wants a self-permit for those we have reached out to – people are asking about it b/c they are concerned
Christine – I am against a permit
Alex – what if we apply for a permit and that would be our status?
Lisa – no permit b/c – we are Occupy and should stay on message – people who object are doing so through email of FB – they are not at the meetings and we are not sure if they intend to go to Fem GA

We move meeting to Foley Sq.

Lisa proposed we continue planning as we have – with no permit
Mel – a concern – we are reaching out  we should cave to them – they are not OWS.
Simran- DR – orgs have joined OWS events in the past where there were no permits
Christine – FA –  to address Mel’s concern, add that Kathleen will contact her friend in the Parks Dept.
Mel – said she doesn’t want permit either – but we should write something about our self permit for them
Jo – not writing a letter – we should just compose a statement about position and exporience
Margo – steps down as facilitator to give a POI – Anything we give to Parks Dept. will go right out to cops and other officials
Mel – this is still a concern for me – we write a letters to people we know
Simran – if we do this it will cause concerns that may not be there
Lisa proposed that we acknowledge Mel’s concern and add it to the proposal  – it lives w/ it.


Agenda discussion:

There was a discussion about the length of the program we envision and it was agreed that we keep it simple.  There was a concern that the agenda is not being adopted with Facilitators and it was agreed that we are all facilitators and that any of us could facilitate the Fem GA.   It was pointed out that #A14 was done this way – full agenda created and then Facilitation organized just before event.

Actions and topics
We acknowledged that there have been many conversations about actions and topics by ppl who are not here tonight and that we need to include these thoughts in the planning.  Many members felt it that the Fem GA should address the idea of moving forward by creating definite actions as having been a part of the Fem GA.

There was a discussion on shared values; although many liked the idea but felt there wasn’t enough time to to this.  Some felt that having shared values will be oppressive because ppl don’t want to be told how to frame Feminism.

It was explained that the values are everyone’s individual personal values – not  within the Feminist context. We decided it would work if we just made a list of everyones values – as opposed to making them be only the common ones and that it would always added to.

The discussion on values pointed to the fact that it would create a safe space b/c it could understood that many share same values –  and it would be efficient for any actions we would create at the GA as decision-making could be based on values  – in the same way Principles serve. Many felt that having the list of values and creating actions was something WOWS OWS could bring to the table.

It was suggested that the GA start by talking to someone you don’t know – to bring your history. it was explained that that is very much the history of Feminism – people talked about their personal stories. Ppl liked the idea of having the Grannies start with their stories and then there could be breakout groups where Orgs. tell what they are doing and through that we could create actions for movement-building together.

Sub group
As there were many ideas that differed in the details it was proposed that a small group of 2 or 3 ppl write up the entire agenda and present it to the whole group – using the things that were condensed on and repeated ideas – The Grannies, Mahina Mvmnt, Illuminator, topics, popcorn values, dress, etc.
The group could make changes on things that ppl felt very strongly about – keeping in mind that trust is integral as a group  –  b/c we have time constraints and that we plan to have many more Fem GAs.

The Agenda sub group will have the Agenda finished and available on Friday, May 5th in Google Docs.  The rest of the group will have their responses on the Doc no later than Sunday, May 7th.
Consensus was reached for this proposal.
Margo, Dior, and Simran are the members of the Agenda Sub Group.

Lorena, from Occupy NJ, offered, Bakala, a new band that she is in that is all women, to play at the Fem GA.  Lots of up twinkles!

Everyone should be doing outreach!

Next meeting
Monday, May 5th at 7 pm at Union Square North across from Barnes and Noble; Whole Foods (upstairs) on 14th St. will be the rain location.

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