Fem GA planning meeting on 7/5/2012

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John Jay, CUNY

In attendance – Janet, Malu, Mel, Yukiko, Dior, Jill

Meeting began at 6:45
Jill facilitated. Yukiko and Jill organized the minutes. Janet helped with edits.

Jill explained that she has a lot to do before leaving for Canada at the end of August and so will not be attending meetings anymore.  She will keep up with emails and is happy to arrange meeting space at JJ through the end of August.

Janet suggested reorganizing the list thematically and responding to them grouped. If we prioritize and cluster all the proposed items to discuss, then we can create an agenda that is easier to address.

Janet proposed these general categories for organization of the Feminist GA Planning meetings. (Whether they would work for WOWs meeting would be another discussion.)
1.     Greetings and check-in.

a.     Go around

b.     Check over items from Minutes of the last meeting

c.     Prioritize and cluster the items we want to cover into the AGENDA for that evening

2.     Priority Issues

a.     Specific plans for the next Feminist GA

b.     Publicity, interviews, etc.

3.     Tasks

a.     Publicity issues

b.     Intragroup communications tasks

c.     Email/electronic tasks

d.     Outreach

4.     Discussions

a.     Guidelines for our group (general principles, not tasks)

b.     Purposes of Feminist GA and other projects

c.     Discussion of relations to other groups, Occupy, etc.

5.     Closing

a.     Check out and confirm decisions made at meeting

b.     Review who will do which tasks

c.     Confirm where and when we will meet next (and for what)

d.     Check in again with each other

We used the suggestions to go over the excel list Melanie had compiled.  Dior led the discussion and we successfully redistributed and clarified the tasks on the list. They seemed to fall generally into General Management, Publicity and Outreach.

We decided that we should let go of the email listserv guidelines because too many rules might complicate things.

We covered most of the list below so the noted will respond to each:   In general we agreed that we need to establish a structure for our meetings, rethink the purpose for the minutes and review them at the beginning of each meeting. Yukiko made excellent suggestions for understanding the purposes of the minutes.

Do we want to address criticisms coming from Safer Spaces, if so, how?   Safer Spaces –  tabled for future discussion because this isn’t a task. We discussed how these are only SS opinions and that we will take their concerns into account when FemGA members discuss how we want to move forward as a group.


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