Fem GA planning meeting on 7/12/12

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7/12 August FemGA Planning Meeting Minutes

Those in attendance:



So we agreed that a letter should be drafted explaining the need for this focused POC GA. It is going to be personalized and sent to people at POC organizations. (We will contact all orgs but we want to make sure we pay special attention to the ones who adhere to POC issues.)

We’ve decided that in the letter we are going to ask the organizations to bring a representative. Also, we want to ask how we can help with actions related to the campaigns they’re working on. If there is a campaign that allows us to help out at the GA itself that would be great. We can also include what specific actions in a coalition kind of way so they can bring it to the GA as a proposal.

LORENA and DIOR are going to work on drafting the letter. If anyone wants to help out with that as well please contact Lorena and Dior.

These are the orgs we have so far:

Audre Lorde Project
Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
Third Wave Foundation
Movimiento for Justice en el Barrio
Brotherhood Sistersol
WOC Caucus of National Women’s Liberation
SisterSong: Women of Color Reproductive Justice Center
Adelante Alliance
Domestic Workers United
Fipilipinas for Rights and Empowerment (FiRE)
Sakhi for South Asian Women
Make the Road by Walking
Roundtable of Institutions of People of Color
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
Latin American Worker’s Project
Sistas on the Rise
OWS POC Caucus
Black Women’s Blueprint
Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Queers for Economic Justice
Families United for Racial and Economic Justice
Refuse the Silence

Please let us know of other suggestions.

DIOR will contact Ravi so that she can add the announcement of the event on NYCGA.


We decided for the date and location of the FemGA to be the following (as you’ve seen in the flyer):

Saturday, August 18th at Harlem Meer from 2 to 4 pm
The rain date is the next day, Sunday, August 19th at Harlem Meer from 4 to 6 pm.

We chose a different time for Sunday because from 2 to 4 they are having a concert in the park. That way maybe we can keep some of the crowd from the live music to attend our event.

ABBI said that 2 to 4 for a time is good for children with kids because they will have time to get home for dinner.

I checked Harlem Meer today and found a few spots where we can hold the GA. Pictures are attached.


Lorena said she is going to check with OWS Newark and OWS Queens so that more people know about the event

OWS Town Square in Jackson Heights is a good place to publicize. Sunday, July 22nd is the date where we can table. LORENA said she could table from 11 to 1 pm. DIOR is willing to table with Lorena at those times as well. Can anyone else go?

#POCFemGA is going to be the hashtag on Twitter (I am writing this after reading some opposition (concern) to this, we can discuss further yet I have already started using it and people have shown interest already)

On our social media sites, we will post quotes from feminist POC and POC who have said feminist-like things. Should be motivational. It will be a way to publicize the event without repeating the same information.

These are the POC we have so far:

Audre Lorde
Flo Kennedy
Gloria Anzaldua
Cherrie Moraga
Shirley Chisholm
Angela Davis
bell hooks
Margaret Cho
Patricia Hill Collins
Harriet Tubman
Rosa Parks

ABBI suggested others but I don’t remember. Would you mind emailing me the ones you mentioned?

Please let us know of other suggestions.

EVERYONE should help provide quotes for this. DIOR will be the contact person for these quotes so send them to her and she will use HootSuite to schedule the tweets so they go up everyday.

We would like to take pictures of ourselves holding a sign saying, “I am a Feminist”. We can also ask friends and others to send photos of themselves holding a sign that says that same thing. We can post it on our Tumblr as a collage or perhaps a slideshow. Some of us suggested we could do that as an action at the GA like how we did at the June one.

Some of the WOC in WOWs and/or the FemGA Planning Group can submit a paragraph or so about why feminism matters to them. We can post on Tumblr.

DIOR will write something. LORENA? NATALIE? SIMRAN? Would you like to submit something?


JANET said we could have organizations speak out about their campaigns and what future actions the participants can take to help the organization. There will be a time limit for each person.

ABBI said this way we can fill in the blanks. With the letter we can know orgs are working on in advance so we can brainstorm about how to help with actions.
MEL suggested that instead of report backs we have organizations bring proposals and (the assembly can make) amendments.

ABBI: This way we can instant feedback

LORENA said it would be cool to do a march after the GA as an action. It would be in solidarity with the Women’s March happening at the same time in DC.

To that, MARIE suggested that we march to the correctional facility nearby (Lincoln Correctional Facility) to show solidarity and support. Most of the men there are African American and Latino.

This way we show that feminism is not the idea that women are better than men.

DIOR: They might be men but they have wives, mothers, and children. Those women are affected as well.

LORENA is going to contact Mahina Movement to see if they can open our GA.

So to sum up what our agenda might look like:

Opening the GA:

Mahina Movement
Scene displaying the oppression within OWS (DIOR will update us on that after the Occupy the Stage Scene Creation Retreat this weekend)

Consciousness Raising? Break out groups?

Organizations can bring up proposals and amendments about what they are working on. How we can help them in the future.

Take pictures holding “I am a Feminist” sign. (Like how we did at the June GA)

Closing the GA: March to Lincoln

This is still up for discussion and consensus. Just wanted to put it together in some way.

Other ideas:

We want to include the history of POC in the feminist movement.

MARIE mentioned Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks. Marie met Rosa Parks by the way!

In addition, including Native American women in this history as well. Certain tribes gave women more power.

DIOR: I remember going to a museum and one of the statues from an African tribe was a man and woman and they were equal height. That displays the equality men and women had within the tribe.


Announcement: (TENTATIVE) On Monday from 10:30 (11AM) to 12 (12:30) there is going to be a conference call with Kelly for Open Space. Who is joining that call? Who is going to contact Kelly to make sure that time works for her as well.

Next Meeting:

DIOR will send a doodle to schedule a meeting for the week of the 23rd. We decided it would be easier for us since the July GA is next week.

We got through the entire agenda and finished at 8:30! We stayed after to chat and relax.

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