Fem GA Facilitation mtg minutes 5/14/12

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Feminist GA Agenda May 14, 2012

Present: Jill Simran Mel Abbie Judith Natalie Lorena Lisa Marie Alix Dior Margo Janet

Facilitator: Janet

Notetaker: Margo

Agenda: self permit
Note-taking and minutes illuminating
GA Agenda
Break-out groups

1.     self permit
Judith – sounds like we already have a draft Could Abbie collate and get it to the FB page?
Lisa- whoever wants to will be accountable Proposal- put it on FB page and handouts
Pop-up wording or City-wide GA, Abbie’s draft.

Consensus: We’re going to use Simran’s text. Please provide whitehat with jpeg (Dior) to project.

2.     Whitehat will need a notetaker to project minutes.
Purpose of the vibe: helps people far away keep up with the GA, the scroll also helps people not near enough to hear.

Lorena- Openning/invocation, introduces Grannies
Dior/Mel/Alix- Introduction to FEM GA
Lisa- Popcorn/shard calues, reading of Safer Spaces Policy
Judith-Consciousness raising/storytelling
Simran- Introduction of break-out groups (w/ drums?_
Break-out groups with Jill Simran Mel Abbie Judith Natalie Lorena Lisa Marie Alix Dior Margo Janet
Marie/Natalie- report backs (After Simran called people back)
Lorena-Announcements from orgs and thank you
Lisa- Exhortation to keep meeting/scheduling of next event
Lorena- Thank you again (?)

4. Alix will read the three questions out loud. Abbie will take FEM GA minutes (thank you!) Report-backs will give ample time for speaking but be aware of limited time! We shd. Project the report-backs. After meeting, have an informal soapbox speak-out.

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