February 15, 2013-Assembly Notes

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February 15, 2013
60 Wall Street 6:30pm
Self-Facilitated-Note Taker Sumumba/Stack Ali/Open Discussion-Bill
Introductions/ House- keeping/Next meeting/Collection-43.50 Raised-30$ metrocard -13.50 food$
Black History Honoree-Fannie Lou Hamer-Teach In
Discussion/Strategic Planning- OE, Weekend Activities S.I. Walk for Democracy March 2, 2013-OE anniversary Activities, SANDY, MAY DAY-OWS
Proposals-Vision Statement-Group will consent on Vision Statement at next assembly
Reportbacks-Updates from Jose Lasalle (Stop Stop and Frisk/End Mass Incaceration-action next day to support Reynaldo Cuervas family, youth murdered by NYPD, Omar reported back from May Day Coalition Meeting group will meet again in March, several meetings and actions planned, Carlos reported back on Spectra Pipeline, Governor Cuomo has decided NOT to go fwd with drilling and state will study the environmental impact before decision is made, a temporary victory for anti-fracking movement. Bill announced his weekly walk through Staten Island areas hit by Hurricane Sandy and called for the year of Justice-as this is the 50 year anniversary of the March on Washington and 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. Noz and Tony announced that they are bottomlining a proposal for FREE subway and mass transportation. Marty also said there would be a conference at the Murphy Institute and that issue would also be raised. No JH Assembly will take place do to us not securing a room at the Queens Pride House.
OE Anniversary Plans-Saturday’s with E will be Occu-Evolve’s first activity for its first Anniversary happening on February 23rd. February 24th will be Occupy Gratitude a day of giving thanks to the donors and supporters of Occupy Wall Street, it will take place at 117th 57 Street from 4pm-6pm. March 1, 2013-Assembly will conclude OE’s week of Anniversary with a tribute/teach in to Malcolm X, and a discussion about race, class, culture, inclusion and the direction of OWS.
Open Discussion-Bill
Close Meeting

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