Feb 4, 2012 – Global Justice WG Mtg Minutes

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Feb 4, 2012

3:30pm start



  • New Regular Mtg Time – Udi
  • Teargas report back – Ali
  • Jeju Island – whenever Ndd ppl arrive
  • Joint statement about buildup to war – Udi
  • Left forum – need Maia
  • Developing online decision making
  • Use of NYCGA blog, Facebook – we will discuss but not make a decision because there are not a lot of ppl here



People: 5-9



  1. 1.    New Regular Mtg time – WEDS 7pm
  • Subcommittees can meet whenever
  • Next meeting: Weds Feb 8, 2012; 7-9pm 60 Wall
  1. 2.    Teargas report back
  • Add names from teargas mtg to the outreach list – BH
  1. 3.    Jeju Island
  • Focus on war and peace on the Korean Peninsula; militarism at home and abroad
  • Bkgd: S and N Korea have been at war for decades; US uses Korea and Asia Pac to launch mil; Jeju is at the very south of Korean Penin; it’s China’s oil shipping lane; Jeju has been struggling against this base – 94% of island voted against; resistance has been strong – actions like chaining to bulldozers, diving to prevent blasting on the coral reef; resistance has been multisectoral;
  • NY communities want to create a small action committee that does some creative direct action in NY that targets the construction companies; action for some time before April; Next Sat Feb 11, 3pm – mtg @Judson Memorial
  • Will send some info with bkgd – Al Jazeera docu
  • Also, can connect w/Decolonize O
  • How can we tie NDD discussions about domestic militarism to the Tear Gas subgroup work?
  • NDD has a collective studying the link between global war and us policing! – collecting a bunch of readings and resources; some people actively doing participatory research in Corona Queens; link between public housing and policing and homeland security in the Bronx – categorization of domestic terrorism; international exchange of policing
  • Proposal:
    • Meeting – ongoing discussion
    • Delegation – springtime; most powerful when sectors like, “clergy of ny” or people with a little media savvy or clout;
    • Online Action – possible ongoing to join in
  • Cops/Military in Korea spraying teargas w/water and dye; shoot dye and then arrest people with dies; exchanges of sand drones
  1. 4.    Joint Statement
  • proposal to do a joint statement initiated from London
  • proposal to up the anti and do a joint action – reach out to activists in elsewhere; joint protest; crucial point is to say that – the govts are saying “we have no partners, no allies in these other countries” – this joint protest says “we have partners, they are the people”
    • engage with vets in the states or other places; joint vet protests? Demonstrations?
    • Include message to expand the narrative that this is not a binary decision – not just anti Iran regime, can be anti Iranian regime, but pro other people and groups in Iran
    • Communicate with groups in NYC
    • How to coordinate? If done electronically – very securely, can run an internal teach in on secure comms
    • Once decided, can publicize
  • Proposal: respond to London, we love the idea, let’s go further, let’s speak about it;
  • Proposal: reach out to personal contacts from now until Weds; report back what we’ve heard
  • ALSO, think about sharing statements…etc beyond our movement; how to make this very publicly
  1. 5.    Blog/Facebook policies
  • Blog– Tear Gas group is posting media and text about tear gas campaign on the blog
    • Action – adjust so ppl automatically become contributors and not authors
    • Proposal – that everyone is a “contributor” and so can add a post as a draft, but only “editor” roles can approve; SHAISTA is the “editor” and will ask Alison in case she’s interested; we can bring this up and change
    • Action – BH send out instructions about how to post: join NYCGA…etc
  • GGroup – BH removing all other owners and making only MGRS
  • Facebook
    • Right now we have a closed group on Fbook and an open page
    • What is a page and what is a group
    • Action – BH checking out plugin from wordpress blog
    • Proposal: let’s change and have a page on facebook, use as outreach, kill the closed group; UDI will create the page; you have to like it to become an admin
  1. 6.    Who is facilitating next meeting – UDI!
    1. a.     Online Decision Making – tabled for Weds
    2. b.    Report back regarding Heavy Rose Water
    3. c.     Secure Comms – BH

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