Facilitation WG Minutes 3.1.12

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In attendance: Corey, Christina, Mark, Marisa, Daniel, Jean, David, Hermes, Carrie, Kelly, Nick, Anthony
Facilitation team tonight: Christina & Mark, Vibes: Daniel, Time: Stan, Stack: Corey
5 metrocard process:
·    Record who gets them in mtg. minutes
·    the group will choose at random pulled from a hat indiviuals self-select need:
·    this week: Christina, Brett, Daniel, Negesti, Jean

Proposal to take many decisions out of GA
·    GA becomes political discussion venue
·    who should propose it?
·    what is facilitation’s role?
·    the intention is to initialize the GA
·    $has to be dealt with somewhere, maybe its own process
·    Marisa and Mark will continue to collaborate with other groups on this topic- will consider an open process about revitilizing the GA
GA Reportback from 2/28/12
·    co-facilitators were found 30 minutes before and did not plan for GA of 100 people due to march.
·    clarifying questions went too long
·    facilitating inside 100 people is too big
·    recommend: no ga’s that large at 60 wall st
·    $ questions are always hard, we were not prepared
·    recommend: review proposals before the GA

·    Brett is bottomlining Sat GA.  still needs a team.
·    Grievance process continuing this friday night, 6:30pm Quaker House
·    Open space breakout, Thurs @ 5:45pm at 60 Wall
·    Nick (law student) writing paper looking for oral histories, will email facilitation.
·    Sat March 3rd, 4pm @ 208 W 13th st- occupy lgbt comm center re: palestine support groups
·    Fri March 2nd, 6-10 pm @ 235 W 23rd st (Unity Hall), community mtg re: power & Priivilege, next steps
·    Fast Food boycott to end world starvation- juice fast hunger strike

One Response to “Facilitation WG Minutes 3.1.12”

  1. Yoni Miller

    Christina and Mark were facilitators. Christina stepped down,according to her she stepped down due to threats of violence. Mark said the Facilitation team can end a GA, so he officially called it over.

    I as a facilitator disagree with that, and do not think they have power to end GA, they can individually step down, as both did. Marissa came with POI, saying back in August, they consented to that…but if it’s not in writing, and we don’t like that procedure, than we can reject it, since we never accepted it either.

    We continued GA in park, and I think in 60 wall street, it wouldn’t have escalated if the fac. team didn’t state things in fact of manner tone, rather than asking GA. I do NOT think it was power grab, as Mark was facilitating for first time, as far as I know. I just think he was wrong,

    let’s write down the procedure and consent on it!!