[WORKING DOCUMENT] Group Staffing Expectations

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Expectations for ComHub Staff



In order to meet the needs of the OWS Community, ComHub must be a transparent, accountable body with a sense of consistency.  To this end, the current ComHub staff expects ourselves, as well as new staff to dedicate at least 3 “shifts” per week. It’s a shoestring operation, and we are looking for folks looking for serious work.


Some Prior Experience with OWS

While ComHub is more than happy to train folks about our functions and processes, here at ComHub we do not have the time to orient folks to the basic structure, spirit, and mission of Occupy Wall Street overall. This doesn’t mean you have to be a Day-Oner. It just means that you know what OWS looks like (a big mess!) and maybe know and have worked with a few folks that are currently on the ground.


A Level-Head & Friendly Demeanor

ComHub can be a high stress, fast paced environment. We really try to be nice to people (and each other!), even if we are stressed. This also means that you do not have someone telling you what to do all the time.  We keep pretty thorough records of our processes, functions and needs, and we expect each other to take initiative and keep abreast of that info.

Sometimes working with ComHub has required us to deal with emotionally escalated folks, who often believe that we are in high-power positions. “But you’re the ones with the office!!” While, the front desk does its best to screen people, having the ability to listen constructively, calmly communicate your needs, and politely say “No” is very valuable skill set for ComHub staff.


Acceptance of the Mission (& Limitations) of ComHub

ComHub is an avenue for communication among WGs, OWS projects, and individuals in the community. We are not an OWS decision-making body. ComHub is continually evolve to fit the needs of the OWS community as we are able to expand.


*NOTE: If you are interested in starting other communications/info initiatives, please consider partnering with ComHub to make your ideas come to life!

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