ESW Minutes 10/02/11

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First meeting of Workgroup – Charlotte’s Place 3:00 – 4:30

attendees: Ted Schulman, Ted Hall, Harvey Newman, eCo Lake, Fred, Charles, Ana, 4 others

Define mission of workgroup:

  • Create awareness of United Nations Earth Summit as a global event where the worlds governments, banks and corporations are meeting to define a “green economy”
  • The Earth Summit can be a global focal point of the Occupy Movement.
  • The timing – June 2012 allows for movement building throughout the winter and spring.

Define Campaigns:

We are already in discussion with the MobilizeUS public awareness campaign ( A coalition of environmental groups including: the Human Impacts Institute,,  Earth Day Network, Global Kids, We Canada, and many others. ( )

Define Outreach:
We will set up coordinating outreach to other workgroups, specifically:
  • Environmental and sustainability
  • Economy and Alternative Currency
  • Spiritual
  • Youth
  • Technology
  • Direct Action
  • Think Tank
  • PR

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