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Any unions that endorse November 2 can use the following text as a template that they can modify and send out to their members:


Since it began on September 17, the movement that started with Occupy Wall Street has spread to hundreds of cities across the country, challenged the power of big corporations over our government and called for economic policies that put Americans back to work and get our economy moving again. Union local 123 shares these goals and stands in solidarity with the Occupy movement.

Now the Occupy movement is facing its most difficult challenge yet, and we are calling on our members to help defend it. In the last two weeks, protest encampments in in Oakland, New York, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Austin, Portland, Atlanta, Richmond, and other cities have been targeted by mayors and police. The police attack on Occupy Oakland was conducted as a military raid in the dead of night against peaceful protesters, resulting in a potentially fatal injury to 24-year-old Iraq veteran Scott Olsen, who remains in critical condition. On Monday, October 31, city officials in Richmond, Virginia demolished the occupation there with bulldozers. In Portland on Sunday, October 30, police used night sticks and horses to attack protesters, arresting dozens and clearing the encampment. These are just a few examples of the attacks taking place across the country against protesters criticizing the power of big corporations and the inequality in wealth in the United States. Union local 123 condemns these attacks and defends the right of protesters to peacefully express their opinions.

These attacks have placed the future of the Occupy movement in jeopardy. In response to the attack against it, Occupy Oakland has called for a major mobilization on Wednesday, November 2, and a national day of action has been called for that date to support Occupy Oakland and the other occupations facing police attack and harassment. In New York, protesters will gather from 5-6 PM at Zucotti Park at the corner of Broadway and Liberty Street and then march to City Hall and One Police Plaza at 6 pm. Please join us!

5pm – 6pm: Gather at Zucotti Park (Liberty Plaza at Broadway and Liberty)

6pm: March from Zucotti past City Hall to One Police Plaza

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