Empowerment & Education–Occupy Student Debt Campaign Meeting 1-22-2012 Minutes

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Date: 1/22/2012



Occupy Student Debt Campaign (OSDC)

Subgroup of Empowerment and Education (E&E) – Working Group of Occupy Wall Street (OWS)


Next Meeting: will be determined by Doodle


In attendance: Pam, Andrew, AJ, Sarah, George, Randall, Usana, Doug?, Ann, Chris C, Robert

Facilitator: Pam

Time-keeper: Andrew

Stack: AJ
Minutes: Chris


Action Items:


1)      All: Review Direct Action community agreement (http://www.owsdirectaction.com/da/proposals.html)

2)      Someone: endorse M1 Student Day of Action, upcoming Occupy DOE event, Canadian Student Day of Action

3)      Ann:

  1. research contact list ideas
  2. sign up for $45/month email service

4)      Chris:

  1. send Bus Tour info to group
  2. get Ann in touch with Jason C.
  3. organize facilitator training
  4. send out Doodle

5)      Sarah:

  1. make flyer for bus tour
  2. email Occupy Town Square/Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay meeting time to group

6)      Pam: head breakout group for launch kit

7)      AJ: head breakout group for Junket info packet

8)      George: draft email to pledgers

9)      Andrew: send email to OSDC listserve to invite people to:

  1. Logistics listserve
  2. E&E listserve




1)      Have a meeting specifically to discuss situation of OSDC member being asked to step back, allow all present voices to be heard, discuss how to work more effectively in future. Friendly Amendment (FA): this discussion to be done at next meeting instead of separate meeting (for approx.. 20-30min): CONSENSUS

2)      OSDC to endorse M1 student day of action: CONSENSUS

3)      Form breakout group to discuss NYU Real Estate Development (Andrew as point person): CONSENSUS

4)      OSDC will lead discussions framing “Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay” at Occupy Town Square on 1/29: CONSENSUS

5)      Ann research how to put all contacts into one list, with restricted access: CONSENSUS

6)      1 Trillion Dollar Day action: CONSENSUS

  1. Tentatively scheduled for 4/25
  2. Talks which become teaching materials
  3. Civil Disobedience @ Sallie Mae
  4. Occupy Fin-Aid depts. with theatrics (celebration as lending victory)
  5. 1 Day education payment strike (debt, tuition?)
  6. Debt Clock

7)      Endorse upcoming Occupy DOE action: CONSENSUS

8)      Endorse Canadian Students Day of Action on Feb1: CONSENSUS

9)      Media Junket w/ Student Journalists on 3/18: CONSENSUS

  1. OSDC joins junket/tour
  2. Set-up possible “press conference” at 60 Wall for tour
  3. Provide info packet for event

10)  Robert represents OSDC for MTV Italy: CONSENSUS

11)  Chris experiments with minutes: CONSENSUS

12)  Organize facilitation training for OSDC/E&E: CONSENSUS

13)  Email all pledgers; $45/month for subscription to service for secure emailing (Ann); George will pay for 1st month; George will set up draft email & send to logistics list, possibly including: (CONSENSUS)

  1. Contact Security
  2. Solicitation for web content
  3. Update on OSDC initiatives
  4. Educational update/tid-bit on debt
  5. Encouragement to “spread the word”

14)  Robert will represent OSDC on Occupy Colleges calls: CONSENSUS

15)  OSDC will follow ComHub requirements for Working Groups: CONSENSUS

16)  Next meeting – Chris sends out Doodle w/in 24 hours (using Friday, Mon & Tues as possible meetin dates), post meeting time several days in advance: CONSENSUS




1)      Article for CUNY newspaper (?)

2)      Romney and for-profits (Suzanne)


Other items discussed:


  • Review of request for OSDC member to “step back”.
  • Discussion of NYU Real Estate Development. Andrew informed group that OSDC is in position to lead initiative/action and highlight debt financing. Coalition as “marriage of convenience”!
  • OWS Press meeting. OSDC should work on user/pledger generated content. OSDC should emphasize message: pledger’s aren’t defaulting, but that the system has defaulted on us.
  • OWS Bus Tour – still room available for OSDC/E&E members (1-2 weeks each) and is fully funded. If OSDC members go, they should talk up 1 Trillion $ day actions and possible solidarity actions.
  • Media Junket will include 1,000-1,200 student journalists. AJ has been tasked with leading them on “Occupy Tour”. Wants to leave OWS info packets at the hotel for all participants.
  • Tech update: OWS is working on replacing all commercial services with open source services (email, google groups, calendars, shared docs, etc).
  • OWS Tidal article on student debt appears to be done.

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