Empowerment and Education – Occupy University – 1/28/2012 Meeting Minutes

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Date: 1/28/2012



Occupy University

Subgroup of Empowerment and Education (E&E) – Working Group of Occupy Wall Street (OWS)


Next Meeting: 2pm-6pm; 66 5th Ave, Room 818


In attendance: Zane, Ingrid, Ben, Chris, Jay, Matthew, Bob, Karen, Joe, Randall, Jason W, Yukiko, Ruth, Cynthia

Facilitator: Ingrid

Stack: Jason W

Time-keeper: Karen

Minutes: Chris


Action Items:


1)      All: bring 2-3 ideas about March 1

2)      All: research online course materials (blackboard, aaaaarg, etc.)

3)      All: research funding ideas, possibilities




1)      OccU will plan some kind of event for March 1: CONSENSUS

2)      Everyone bring 2-3 ideas for March 1 to next meeting: CONSENSUS

3)      After group conflicts, we will take one minute of silence: CONSENSUS

4)      Next week we will devote 2 hours to pedagogy and curriculum: CONSENSUS


Other items discussed:


Course Form:

Add statement about vetting process?

Use separate forms for students & teachers?


Should it be longer or allow for detailed syllabi?

Include section on how it relates to OccU’s mission?


Website Video:

Should we have user-submitted video on home page?

Some feel video is best as compliment to text home page

All agree it is good to have multiple voices on home page


OccU Launch:

Recap of original launch idea w/ Brian Holmes

Much discussion – too many things unclear to have launch so early

What can we actually organize for March 1?

Should we be more dynamic and fluid?

Suggestion: launch website, course form, video, etc. on March 1, along with discussions about education/university throughout city

All agree that it is important to work out course form and vetting process soon!

All agree on planning some kind of event for March 1



Volunteer labor is unsustainable

Many/most don’t want students to pay fees!

How can teachers be supported?

Would we apply for grants?

How does free education happen?

Free education is a capitalist welfare enterprise!

We don’t want this – we want sustainable, non-capitalist education

But this is long term goal – what about the transition?

We do need some dough now – how best to get it?

How to build community/co-op in and through education?

Idea to have course proposal form include economic component (does it meet at local business, exchange goods, etc.)



When will we talk in detail about pedagogy?

We need to be careful about our language

Subgroup is actively exploring new forms of learning

Do we want to offer an alternative learning structure? How will we do so?


Zane’s Report Back:

(sorry this is short Zane, I got tired!)

Alt Banking wants to give course

How will learning/teaching happen in their course?

Guy from WhOwnSpace (and Miguel’s co-teacher!) wants to give course

Does he teach too vertically?

Can these people wait a few weeks, to give us some time to work out our process?

Zane visited lots of POPs

Miguel expresses that he will block any form of vetting that rejects or vetoes course ideas!

Instead, we need to filter and frame the courses in other ways





Next week:


Facilitator – Joe




-Pedagogy and curriculum (2 hours)

-Discuss the discussion (about process)

-March 1 ideas

-Tech: course materials, blackboard, etc.

-Course proposal form

-Website language



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