Empowerment and Education – Occupy Student Debt Campaign – 1/30/2012 Meeting Minutes

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Date: 1/30/2012



Occupy Student Debt Campaign (OSDC)

Subgroup of Empowerment and Education (E&E) – Working Group of Occupy Wall Street (OWS)


Next Meeting: will be determined by Doodle (Who is sending out the doodle?)


In attendance: Sue, Robert, Brian, June, Ashley, Ann, Doug, George, Mitchel, Matt, Morgan, Stewart, Nicole, Chris, Pam, Monica, Andrew, Mark


Facilitator: Sue

Time-keeper: Andrew

Stack: Chris
Minutes: Ann


Action Items:


1) OSDC will join forces with NYU4OWS, the NYU faculty, the Greenwich Village Historical Society and others to oppose NYU’s $6 billion expansion plan, which will undoubtedly be financed by student debt.

a) Mic Check at Cornelia Street Café on Feb 2. Contact Mark          (markcrispinmiller@gmail.com) to get involved.

b) Stewart will work on getting undergraduates involved by emphasizing that        NYU has “pledged your tuition to Wall Street” (to use Bob Meister’s phrasing).         Also, NYU students will lose their gym until 2014.

c) Hold a rally, perhaps at the plaza in front of Stern on Tues, Feb 21.

e) Form a subcommittee to plan this action.

f) Subcommittee will meet at 12:00 on Sunday, Feb 5. Location probably at 60   Wall, but check with Andrew to confirm.

g) Stewart suggests a piñata and a band.

h) Monica suggests a debt calculator or a “wheel of debt” to demonstrate what       increased debt will mean in terms of future labor.

            g) The message: this action is about debt-financed construction. NYU is   nefarious in many ways, but this event is about debt financing.




Andrew: Will draft a press release

Perhaps Ingrid can do her walking tour?

Pam: Will ask Ed Needham and ask about press release.

Doug: Sallie Mae calculator

Annie and Brian Mark and Morgan will work on flyer






1) Pam: Let’s propose something for the Netroots conference in June (7-10) in Rhode Island. CONSENSUS. Pam will email.

2) Chris: summarized a recent situation in which one member of OSDC will be asked to step back.

a) Mitchel: strongly disagreed with the way member was removed.

b) Annie: endorsed community agreement. “We did not have a structure in place    to deal with what arose.”

c) Chris: proposed that we include a grievance process with whatever we draft.

d) Hilary and Doug: asked for clarity on what occurred. Was Johanna asked to      step back or was she banned?

e) Ann: it is unclear what “step back” means.

f) Chris: Johanna was asked to step back, and she refused. Then she was removed             from the email list, and no one except Mitchel has heard from her since then.

g) Mitchel motions that we reverse the decision, invite Johanna back to the group,             and utilize mediators.

h) Andrew: Proposes a meeting two weeks from now to discuss community           agreements and draft our own. Chris will post community agreement models to           list.

i) Motion declined? (Minute taker is actually not sure about this.)


3) Pam: NYU Exhibition. Do we want to be part of this? Pam will contact them. CONSENSE


4) National Day of Action (1T day) is April 25, CONSENSE



5) March 1 day of action.

a) Should we invite Brian Holmes from Chicago to give a talk? With Andrew and             George? David Graeber?

b) Let’s not plan something specifically for March 1, but rather plan a speaker         series that would perhaps begin in March and lead up to April 25.

c) Robert: let’s get Brian Holmes to do something in Chicago and we’ll promote it.

d) Annie and Robert will bottom line materials for speaker series

e) Brian will get in touch with Graeber about his availability. CONSENSE


6) Ann: We can only email pledgers from now on who our sign up to receive emails from us on our website or the spam police will throw us in the slammer. If anyone wants to work with Ann on the next bi-monthly email blast (next one will be sent in late March), that would be great. CONSENSE


7) Xtranormal is still being scheduled. Ann will contact everyone about day/time soon.


8) Annie and Robert will appear on Left Forum panel. CONSENSE


9) Chris: 16-18 of Feb is the; OWS Forum on the Commons. Robert agrees to participate. CONSENSE


10) Pam: Produced material from Jasmine, a member of our list, on international comparisons of higher ed funding. Do we want to publicize this?

a) Annie and Ann expressed concern that we need to focus on getting domestic     pledgers.

b) Let’s continue to think about way we can use this information. CONSENSE












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