Empowerment and Education – 3/10/12 Meeting Minutes

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Minutes Empowerment & Education meeting 3-10-12


Attendees: Joe, Sue, Chris, Ying, Wilbur, Dave, Cynthia, Jason, Alex, Bob, Jordan, Gregorio, Pam, Marco, Owen


Meeting begins at 1:35 PM. Facilitator: Joe


Short introduction of E&E workingroup

E&E working group is responsible for teach-ins, lectures, fora etcetera. At the moment two big subgroups: Occupy University and Student Debt


Agenda points


1)      Report backs

2)      May day

3)      Today (Occupy University – Open House)


1) Report backs


–          the Immigrant worker justice working group.

Met someone who wants to work together with us. Proposal of a new course: the People’s university. He’s coming in today or to a meeting


–          Student Debt

Started in the fall, highlights the rise of student debt. Created a pledge of refusal, when signed by a million debters, the signees will not pay loans à few thousand signees

In April: 1 trillion Debt Day

à Day of action (outreach)

There is a weekly conference taking place, calling for outreach on the national fronts. If you want to get on the schedule list, see Chris or Pam


Dave met a math professor interested in a Occupy Algebra course.


2) May Day


Report back from the coalition meeting on Wednesday 3-07

A proposal was passed to have a rally at 4PM at Union Square and a solidarity march at 4:30. We went into breakout groups to discuss different subjects.

On Saturdays there is an Action Cluster group meeting taking place, to map out the city in regards to all the different events going on.


What would E&E do at Mayday? How can Education be something to do on that day? What kind of manifestations should it take?


à There is going to be a pop up at Bryant Park in the mornings

Proposal to do something like a pop up campus, where you can shop for classes.


What has Direct Action planned until now?

  • Pop up Bryant Park
  • Disrupting the morning commutes
  • After the march, try to make an occupation happen


Proposal to do a collective action as E&E instad of each group individually.

What type of education do we want that is relevant for May Day?


  • Put the groups together
  • Read a play (is already happening with real actors though)


We need coordination in regards to noise

Chris goes to the May day meetings and the spokes. Maybe we could rotate in going to Mutual Aid, because it’s at the same time as the OccU meeting.


Flagged that this discussion is important, but we don’t have enough information yet.

Proposal: Put the point on the agenda for next meeting


Mayday Teach ins take place on Sundays from 12:00 to 2:00 at Liberty Plaza


3) Today (Occupy University – Open House)


Clarification on what’s going to happen today: Split up in two groups to discuss ‘the future of education’ and ‘how to propose a course’.


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