Empowerment and Education – 2/11/2012 Meeting Minutes

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Date: 2/11/2012



Empowerment and Education (E&E) – Working Group of Occupy Wall Street (OWS)


Next Meeting: Saturday, 2/18, 2pm, 66 5th Ave, Room 811


In attendance: Zane, Joe, Chris, Ryan, Ruthie, John, Max, Yukiko, Reka

Facilitator: Chris

Minutes: Chris




1)      E&E endorses Movement in El Barrio’s International Women’s Day: CONSENSUS

2)      Bloomberg is a motherfucker who fucks his mother and he is also an asshat: CONSENSUS

3)      E&E will continue as working group; Joe will continue to look into becoming an education cluster; next meeting is at 2pm before OccU meeting; we will try the ½ hour format for two weeks and reevaulate to see if more time is needed: CONSENSUS


Other items discussed:


Should E&E exist as separate working group? Reasons for keeping it:

    • Hub for new members
    • Stability for people we coordinate with (URPE, etc)
    • Platform for new projects
    • Forum for communication
    • Avoid red tape of forming new WGs
    • URPE (Union for Radical Political Economists) Summer Conference, 4 day conference from 8/10-8/13. Conference to be organized around OWS activists. What do OWS people want to know about economics? URPE Conference planning meeting on 2/28, 6pm @ 60 Wall.

May Day – what should E&E do for May Day? Discussion about tactics, recent discussions around OWS about ‘diversity of tactics’, including report back from DA forum on 2/10. E&E is excited about ‘plus brigades’, which focuses on affirmative direct actions (clowns, parties, etc.)

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