Empowerment and Education-1/7/12 Meeting Minutes

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Education and Empowerment Working Group of OWS
Date: 1/7/12

In attendance: Nick, Karen, Sarah, Ingrid, Zane, Dave, Chris, Pam, Nina, Natasha

• Reportbacks
*Occupy Student Debt:
-Planning actions and outreach: help needed!
-Supported by Occupy Madison (WI).
-Days of action: 1 March Student Strike in NY/CA; One Trillion Day (date when student debt reaches one trillion dollars, coming soon); MayDay.

*Nomadic U
-Experimental “class” being run Thurs. 8pm Trump Tower, all welcome
-name still being debated
-organizing walking tours of financial district

*Think Tank
-need people to facilitate
-Tamiment Library NYU will help with archiving: meeting Weds 11 at 7pm
-more mobile think tanks planned

*Open Forum
-no meetings
-need to use Plaza


–Spokes/GA –
-E&E needs to keep going to both to stay in touch with movement
-need a protocol for report backs
-Ingrid will set up spreadsheet for organizing: CONSENSUS

–People need to be empowered to be point people for $100-a-day reimbursement and for Metrocards: Chris Casuccio, Nina Mehta, Karen Baird – proposed: CONSENSUS

Big Actions –
-Actions have been lacking educational component
-we should plug E&E into actions more, esp. MLK and March 1
-what happened to creation of “action” subcommittee? — they joined direction action!
-CONSENSUS: on idea to do some stuff – Natasha will email to restart action subcommittee

Karen on speakers bureau
-there are constant trainings on learning to talk about OWS
-contact Karen to volunteer

NYCGA presence
-discussion of GA proposal which passed: must meet 2x per month with 5 members, must post minutes and meeting on NYCGA
-Chris has updated NYCGA website to be in compliance (note: not accepted)
-E&E will continue to communicate by email
-we will look into capabilities of occupy.net
-resolution that E&E needs to do more actions as a collective and less as separate workgroups now that active numbers are reduced
-discussion of disruptors: suggestions to use Mediation WG and Community Agreements

Discussion of meeting time: consensus to meet Saturday 12.30 for one more week and rediscuss.

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