Empowerment and Education – 1/28/2012 Meeting Minutes

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Date: 1/28/2012



Empowerment and Education (E&E) – Working Group of Occupy Wall Street (OWS)


Next Meeting: will be determined by Doodle


In attendance: Joe, Sue, Chris, Uri, Derrick, Karen, Alexandra, Leann, Michael, Tamara

Facilitator: Chris

Minutes: Chris


Action Items:


1)      Joe: discuss education cluster with other educationy groups

2)      Chris: work with facilitation on direct democracy trainings for E&E




1)      Send email to all WGs asking about education cluster. Friendly Amendment: only ask other educationy groups, report back next week: CONSENSUS

2)      Test new minutes format this week, bring next week to propose standardization: CONSENSUS

3)      Work with facilitation to provide E&E 4-part direct democracy trainings: CONSENSUS


Other items discussed:

 Report backs:

OccU: some kind of launch on March 1, working on web site

OSDC: working on event for NYU development project; decided to declare April 25 “1 Trillion Dollar day”, hoping to have civil disobedience at Sallie Mae, teach-ins about student debt across country, occupy financial aid offices, etc.

Infohub: E&E still isn’t in compliance, but unclear why. Chris emailed InfoHub to ask why, hasn’t received answer yet.

Occupy Town Square: E&E will have table at event; performance of “Can’t Pay Won’t Pay” co-sponsored by E&E; may have teach-ins

Upcoming events:

Sue going on OccU trip 2/20 – please send Sue any ideas/requests to keep her busy!

Teach-in in Jersey City on 2/15 – 9am-9pm – discussions, etc.

Occupy Town Square recurring occupations

May 1 – E&E needs to be more involved – go to DA meetings!

Craft Fair 2/11 – 10am – Location TBD – teach people/WGs to be more self-sustainable

Next meeting will be determined by doodle; doodle will be sent Saturday night, will close on Monday night, meeting announced on Tuesday



FunHub: to help WGs raise their own funds

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