Empowerment and Education-1/14/12 Meeting Minutes

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Education and Empowerment Working Group of OWS
Date: 1/14/12

In attendance: Luis, Michael, Ingrid, Pam, Karen, Chris C, Chris L, Joe, Sue, Maria, Dave, Jason, Zane, Natasha, Rica

1)   Reportbacks from subgroups

a)      Open Forum:

–  Hasn’t really met much in past month, Maria working on RevLinks, linking radical thinkers across the world

b)      Occupy Student Debt Campaign

–  Group has been dealing with group conflict, mostly centered around one person. Currently, the group is unable to function as it is. Some members of the group met with OWS Mediation and, after much discussion, decided to ask OWS Mediation to speak with this member and inform them that the group has decided to ask them to step back/out of the group indefinitely.

–  OSDC has received NYC All Student Assembly endorsement, is visiting Occupy Philly, and working on other actions/content/outreach

c)   Occupy University

–  Planning for launch on March 1, crazy busy with logistics, involved in outreach/inquiry for classes, teachers, space, etc.

d)   Think Tank

–  Mobile Think Tank is going strong.

2) Reportbacks from Spokescouncil (see Spokes minutes/summaries)

3) NYCGA Web Admin

– E&E is not on official CommHub list of complying working groups

– Someone please go to CommHub and inform them that we are in compliance with WG rules: 12-2, Monday, Wednesday Friday at Charlotte’s place

– Add Jason Coniglione as Empowerment & Education admin on NYCGA website:  CONSENSUS

– To be a NYCGA moderator (to post events, edit posts, etc), email Maria!

4) Trump Tower Discussions

– E&E sponsored an “Education Bubble” discussion group at TT on Wednesday, 1/8. It went great! There were some new people and we agreed to meet in a month to see how our understanding of education has changed by then.

– Dave is empowered to do future discussion groups: CONSENSUS – suggestion for next discussion group is “the 99%”

– Next discussion group: Tuesday, 8pm at 86th and Amsterdam (the church!). This event will be an “education/learning” inquiry for Occupy University

5) OWS Bus Tour

– 1 week tours of major Occupies in cities in NE, 4 week total tour (all February)

– Possible E&E people: Sue, Ingrid, Ashley, Dave, Zane is a licensed bus driver?!?

– Point people for bus tour: Chris/Zane

– OWS Bus Tour proposal passed in GA on 1/15, details forthcoming

6) Upcoming Events

a)  MLK Day (1/16)

– Monday morning at Burial Ground – Think Tank

– Karen – no response from outreach/DA about MLK, E&E was too late

– Michael – E&E should plan woman’s prison teach-ins for February

b)  Mobile Occupation (1/29, Washington Square Park)

– we should do stuff!

c) May 1

– organizing for strike meetings: Wed 530pm, Sat 1pm @ Judson Church?

– E&E should do teach-ins/discussions about strikes leading up to May 1 (16 Beaver has excellent strike bibliography here: http://www.16beavergroup.org/everything)

7) Group Dynamics Workshop

– Chris will work with OWS Mediation and Facilitation to organize group dynamics workshop: CONSENSUS

8) Announcements:

Natasha: Tidal

– Tidal – publication for theory, strategy, etc.

– putting together content about strike for next issue

– occupytheory.net

– to send Natasha submissions for website or upcoming issues, send to occupytheory@gmail.com


—- to be on E&E Action Subgroup email, send email to Natasha: nats.nats85@gmail.com


Ingrid’s pilot financial district walking tour immediately following E&E meeting (the group went, and it was awesome!! – and a bit cold)


9) Next Meeting – Chris will send doodle ASAP – will be posted on NYCGA several days in advance

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