Emergency Meeting Minutes Friday 30th

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Location Tree House Studio, Red Hook Brooklyn

Attendees: CJ, Becky and Lopi

Agenda: Broken Glasses

We called an emergency meeting because in the course of working on a giant (15′ x 12′) banner, Lopi’s new glasses were¬† broken. It was a work related accident resulting in her glasses being rendered unusable. Becky and CJ suggested that Lopi order a new pair of glasses and because the cost of the glasses is 99$, one daily fund be allocated to cover the cost of new glasses. Lopi expressed a hesitancy to utilizing funds in this manner. Consensus was reached. Later, during a work session for J3, Shawn, Diego, Amy and Negestie, were asked for a temp check on utilizing dap funds to cover new glasses. Everyone supported it, so Lopi got new glasses at the cost of 99$

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