Egypt proposal passed at emergency meeting today – sunday 4pm 11-13-11

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Proposal passed at emergency movement building meeting tonight:

We will hold off buying tickets for Egypt until Saturday (after the G.A. )

Before then we will:

  • Collect more information to explain the story including who invited us and why, and other information we collect before then
  • Check with other voices who were involved in the Egyptian revolution

We will have an open forum to which everyone is invited where folks can learn about the information we collect, and air their concerns. This will take place at 6 PM this Wednesday at 60 wall. The information we will share at this open forum will be brought to the Tuesday movement building meeting at 6 PM at 60 wall.

We will have a special movement building meeting at 5 PM Friday at 60 wall, to discuss and consense about a possible friendly amendment to bring to the G.A. Saturday(11/19). Everyone is invited to this meeting as well. However we urge everyone who attends the Friday meeting and cannot make it to the Wed open forum to read the notes from Wed beforehand. We will also briefly recap what happened Wed at the beginning of the Friday meeting.

We will announce and promote these two separate meetings broadly. We will have livestreaming and video of both of these events.

If we decide on a friendly amendment, and it does not pass the Saturday G.A.(11/19), the original proposal will stand as is.

Groups should continue with the nominating process and have final names into us by 9pm on Thursday, in case the proposal does stand as is. The nominees should send their application forms to


Put together info for Wed open forum meeting (Maria, Joel, Andy, Lizbet)

Find facilitator for wed open forum from facilitation committee (Marissa)

Spread the info about Wed and Fri events (Joel – wall st. org, Cari – internally, Abe – tweets)

Facilitator for Friday meeting (Will discuss at Tuesday MB meeting)

Reach out to livestream and video peeps for both wed and fri (Cari)

Announce at GA tonight (Cari)

Agenda items for Tuesday meeting:

1. Review info for Wed open forum

2. Approve facilitator for Wed open forum

3. Discuss facilitation for Friday meeting

4 Responses to “Egypt proposal passed at emergency meeting today – sunday 4pm 11-13-11”

  1. odd ah

    Regarding Proposed Egypt Trip: I am personally not sure that sending 20 people is the right action,(Intuitively speaking;OWS may need its peeps right here in NYC, especially in light of the recent portland events). And why so many peeps? And at such a huge price tag?! Ive traveled in europe for 8 months on $1,500.00 several times. I think ten or twelve people would suffice and some additional shoestring travel budgeting would cut the cost. I just looked on PriceLine, if one were to depart on November 24th and return November 30th- The cheapest fare for 8 people = $827.00 per person and yes that includes tax. I am sure egyptian comrades will host, they even offered in their email, and food, well that is what a kitchen is for, and its always best to to cook and share meals with your host. You want to know the people of Egypt? Take the invitation of being hosted, live among the people and you will build true solidarity. Stay in a hotel and you will be an activist-tourist on holiday.. P.S I was not at the particular GA when this proposal was presented, but I would have done, what I never do- BLOCK! It needs to be modified and the numbers reduced, and I think the goal should be face to face solidarity building, not supporting an election that Egyptians themselves mat not even support. In solidarity, Odd

    • Shawn Carrié

      Agreed that een if this proposal goes through again, it could definitely be modified for cost-effectiveness.

      Loved what you said about living with the people hosting you to build solidarity! Is staying in hotels and having people wait on you what we’re about?

  2. Shawn Carrié

    I had severe reservations about the ethics of this proposal immediately after I heard it was passed. I have a serious problem with spending an exorbitant amount of money on sending “election monitors” half way around the world to “represent OWS”.

    Then I heard that it was the single largest proposal ever passedby our GA.

    Then I heard it was an abnormally small GA.

    Then I heard that someone blocked it.

    Then we got a communiqué from people in Cairo who basically were just as confused as a lot of us were about why this proposal would even be brought up.

    THEN we got evicted.

    In light of all these events, I would really like to see this proposal come before GA again to be reconsidered.

    Then I heard