During the ”Million Hoodie March” at Union Square in mid-afternoon Rafael Rosario assault Casper Union Square Park

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During the “Million Hoodie March” at Union Square in mid-afternoon I, Casper, entered Union Square Park. I saw all the usual faces that were there at that time; I also saw my fellow comrades from Deescalation: Rich, Demetrius, and Rafael.

There was an action occurring with a Councilman holding a banner (since Occupiers were challenged earlier for doing the same…) I was standing in front of the banner when Rafael came up, whereupon I greeted him. I then suggested that we have the Deescalation meeting next week; he agreed. I then consulted my watch and realized that the March was about to commence at 6 PM. I started to feel hungry and it occurred to me that everyone in Deescalation probably was too. We were budgeted $400/week and, per protocol, Deescalation splits that allocation between Rafael and I (so $200 for Rafael and $200 for me). So I felt it was reasonable that I ask Rafael for $10, and I would also put up another $10 to get a pie for about $20. He claimed that he had left all of his budget funding at home.

This was not the first time he had claimed poverty to me during an Action. It gave me pause to think about what had happened on March 17 when we were evicted from Liberty Square: he was the ONLY one with budget allocated, and as of that time I had nothing. We had a long march from Liberty to Union Square, and at the conclusion of that march he had nothing to offer from the funds he had been given. At the time he hung out a little longer, then grabbed a cab to go up to 86th Street; and I was left to go hat in hand, requesting donations for food.

I reminded him of these facts and alleged that he was not acting according to a positive Occupy ethos. I then turned to walk away, and he suddenly grabbed me by the collar and swung me about; next he threw me to the ground in some sort of Judo style whereupon my head bounced on the cement, he pinned me, and he proceeded to strike me repeatedly in both the face and scalp. All about me people were repeatedly attempting to stop Rafael from further assaulting me, through both word and action. He finally got off me while I was still on the ground (face bleeding, swollen, and red) and proceeded to walk off while people were screaming and asking why he had done it.

He then proceeded to Angelica from ComHub who had just arrived on scene and had witnessed none of it and went to hug her, as if to conceal his prior actions to all just arriving there. I immediately shouted out, for all to hear, how he had proceeded to hug Angelica just after having beaten me so violently. He then tried to claim that I had struck him first with a shield I had, which was not at all the case. Not only that, fifteen other Occupiers then encircled him and pointed out that what he had claimed was completely false, and that he was specifically the one who had attacked me first in an unprovoked manner. At that point he abruptly departed for the subway station.

The reason I am writing this report is to document a much more accurate relating of the facts than has been circulated to date. I implore all here on nycga.net who were present that day in the immediate vicinity of my beating to please come forward and attest to these facts. Thank you.

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  1. Zachary

    Rafael threatened me yesterday in Union Square Park. He is now living with Aaron Black (Aaron Minter), and is now Aaron’s personal body guard. I have some beef with Aaron, but haven’t had any interaction with him since March 17. Out of the blue, Rafael approached me last night, and essentially said that our problem is now his problem, and that if it didn’t go away, he would attack me. He told me to watch out. This shit needs to stop NOW.

      • Casper

        Lopi When I chilled in your house I told you this So why are you Bugging out now. You didn’t act like this when I told you in person. We work hard to bad someone was miss using the money on for him self but I was feeding our team doing a good job. Not one person on my team can’t say I didn’t feed them when I was there.

    • Casper

      Hey I think you should make on your own Doc because this is when he attack me. I also think you should bring this up to Brendan to see what he says about this. Thank you for bringing it up on this site I think his behavior isn’t good at all any more.

  2. vets74

    First, you guys think that cops are your enemies ??? That committed 24/7 criminals are your friends?

    What is the point of not prosecuting assault? Of not prosecuting theft?

    We did security support work during Zuccotti. The hits were staggering: right wing thugs with felony records rolling through, outright thieves, one individual using an artificial identity connected to Middle Eastern intel.

    Occupy was targeted. By anything and everything. So what is the point of not filing a criminal complaint on this “Rafael,” legal name unknown? Rule of Law matters for Occupiers as well as for the sociopath banksters.

    Strength in unity.