Draft of Mission Statement for the Call for an Article V Convention (as agreed by the Constitutional Convention sub-group 10/30)

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Today at the subgroup on a Constitutional Convention’s meeting at 1:30 p.m. we drafted a Mission Statement:

“Whereas, financial contributions to candidates or parties have corrupted our democracy, and the US Supreme Court has taken the side of corporations over individuals, it has become clear that the United States needs an Article V Convention as specified under the US Constitution to pass an amendment that ensures that individual rights specified in the Constitution belong to individuals, not corporations. It has become necessary to call for such a Convention because the US Congress, despite many calls for reform, has not taken steps to begin the process of passing such an amendment.”

Please comment if you have editing suggestions. This is not a place to debate the merits of the subgroup’s purpose, however. If someone wants to form a subgroup with a differing mission that option is available.

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