Draft 1 of Proposal for Communique via GA regarding Communication between Occupations

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The following is a first draft of a proposal for a communique to be presented through out GA to other GAs regarding setting up a structure for communication between occupations.   This is a draft and will be discussed at our next meeting on Tuesday, 11/8 at 6pm.  Please read and provide feedback.

Proposal: Communication between Occupations

Since the occupation of Liberty Plaza in September 17, numerous occupations have sprung up all over the U.S.. To date, communication, coordination, resource and skill-sharing between these occupations is still irregular. No occupation today has a list of occupations, and no working group anywhere has a way to contact working groups in other cities.


The need to organize communication and coordination between occupations is now becoming apparent to everyone. In the two calls we have held with occupations across the nation, some 400 people participated; and there was consensus that we need to improve our national communication. It seems, moreover, that numerous parallel efforts to connect people are already taking place everywhere.


Our working group wants to bring these different efforts together, and ensure that all of them adhere to the democratic standards of our movement. In order to get as quickly as possible to a structure that can facilitate democratic, transparent and efficient national communication, we suggest the following immediate steps:

1)   We call on all other occupations to form committees of correspondence. These committees will facilitate communication between occupations until a better national structure is available

2)   We suggest that each committee explain this process and ask its GA to empower it to attend our national calls. The correspondence committee will be responsible to update their respective occupations about these calls, as well as on national days of action, calls for solidarity and national events. The committees will also communicate any requests made from their GA to others, and ensure that incoming requests made are forwarded to the right committees in their own occupation.

3)    For the moment, we will continue to conduct national calls every Monday at 10pm (Eastern Time). We suggest that committees of correspondence attend these calls, and that they make it possible for others occupiers to sit in on the calls with them.

4)   We know that not all occupations have been attending Monday calls; and we are aware of the technical and organization limitations we still face. We emphasize that these calls are only a temporary measure, and can in no way be seen as a binding national forum.

5)    Committees of correspondence will never go around GAs. Any important decisions in the Monday calls will go to GAs across the nation for approval.

6)    We ask correspondence committees to post the minutes from our Monday night calls on their occupation’s site. We suggest that in each occupation, the meetings of the correspondence committee will be advertised and open to the public; and that minutes of each correspondence committee meeting will be posted online.

7)    We call on any other working group that feels the need (Direct Action, Finance, Media, Internet) to initiate direct communication with similar working groups across the nation. We ask that national communication of all such working groups be kept transparent; and that efforts be made to include all occupations that want to join.

8)    We encourage correspondence committees to communicate with occupations in their region in the manner they see fit.

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