Disability Caucus minutes of 05/08/12 meeting

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OWS Disabilty Caucus
May 8, 2012, 5:30pm, 60 Wall St Atrium

Danny Robert
Nadina Laspina
Larry Webber
Philip Bennett
Connie Lesold
Mitchel Cohen

Question: should we keep meeting?
We need to remind people.  Some one should have that job.

Where should we meet, here or Union Sq.?
There used to be a lot of big meetings here at 60 Wall St., now all the major groups meet at Union Sq. or elsewhere.
We’ve had events at Unio Sq. which attracted many people, eg DIA Singers and candlelight Vigil.
Sunshine will do outreach via email.
Philip will email meeting notices.  Danny will do telephoning.
Sunshine will do musical performances.
Perhaps we should ask around re. the better meeting place, here or Union Sq.
Connie: we must emphasize we’re a cross-disability caucus.  Right now I’m rather discouraged.
We need one of us to attend general assembly meetings at least once a week.
Healthcare for the 99% May 12, Saturday, 6pm, global day of action.  We should do something.
Connie: we should picket & close down Kingsborough Hospital.
We must support healthcare for everybody or we won’t get anywhere.
May 19th, Saturday, 2pm 125 & 2nd Ave. action regarding the gentrification of Harlem.
May 26th, 2-5pm, Bryant Park: Disobediance school.
Orientation now at Union Sq.
Healthcare for the 99% may march with NAMI.  Contact Metro NAMI for details.
May 1st.: wheelchair users could have marched since it was all in the street, we were in the park but in small groups.
Connie: Interfaith Hospital: things are bad in Bklyn.: ex. boy with leg almost cut off couldn’t get care in Bklyn, had to be transfered to Belevue.  Burger Commission is destroying hospitals.  Bed-sty is gentrifying like Harlem.
May 17, Thur: 1st Feminist General Assembly, 6:30-9, Wash Sq. Park.  We can meet by the arch.
Nadina: Healthcare for 99% just don’t get it.
Dis.Caucus officially opposes Healthcare for 99% marching with NAMI because NAMI supports outpatient commitment, forced drugging and shocking.  NAMI is not for the consumers, it’s for the families of consumers.  We don’t want them speaking for us when we can speak for ourselves.
Healthcare for 99% doesn’t want to mess with union which wants Kingsborough to stay open.
We are adjourned.

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