Disability Caucus Meeting Minutes, July 31, 2012

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Disability Caucus Meeting Minutes
July 31, 2012, 5:30 pm

Mary Ann
Phil (Walls)

Danny and Nadina reported on meetings with Direct Action Group and General Assembly. There was much interest and support. However OWS resources have been pretty much depleted. We can’t expect to get money, food, etc. but can get help with putting the word out & strategizing.

Question: By making this a united action and inviting all who have been marginilized by the mayor’s 1% policies we risk being greatly outnumbered by nondisabled people. Is anyone troubled by this?
Discussion followed and consensus was reached (unanimously) that we should try to get as many people as possible -disabled and nondisabled. We’re all in the same boat.

Paula will get word out to all DIA members.
Pat will announce at Northstar club.
Fusun suggested we try to get on BAI

Nadina has been contacted by people worried about being arrested. Discussion about creating a safe area. A few people willing to risk arrest.

Action will be a community feast or people’s party (in contrast with the mayor’s party).

Danny’s birthday is on the 12th. He wants to celebrate his birthday at the action.

Food – Everyone will bring food. Can we get donations? Must have water. Are there affordable pizza places in that ritzy neighborhood?

Is there an accessible bathroom nearby?

Pat will scout the area around Gracie Mansion.

Entertainment – Mary Ann Marra will sing. Most beautiful voice in disability land. Grannies may sing also. Others?

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