Disability Caucus meeting minutes, July 3, 2012

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OWS Disability Caucus
7/3/12, 2pm
At Union Square Park
Nadina Laspina*
Danny Robert*, Pierce, PA
Philip Bennett*
Paula Wolff*
Chris Noel*

We discuss demonstrating at Gracie Mansion Aug 8th during the BBQ.  Do we go inside and raise hell or stay outside or meet inside & outside?  We need flyers and signs, maybe serve food outside.
Nadina: We should go inside, disrupt Bloomberg’s speech and get carried out.  Best of all world is if a lot of people go out with us.
We shouldn’t be specific: “we’re protesting Bloomberg, anyone interested in helping please call us.”
We will do outreach to the press via Joe Rappaport.
Bloomberg’s smart & if he’s forewarned he’ll have 100 accessible taxis outside to make us look bad.
Will DIA Singers join us?  We need to outreach to them.
Nadina will contact Justin of OWS.
Chris discusses his case (Noel vs. TLC).
Invite the OWS kitchen, they may provide food.
Philip will contact Street vendors.

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