Disability Caucus meeting minutes, July 17, 2012

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Dis. Caucus 7/17/12, 5:30pm at CIDNY, 841 Broadway

Nadina Laspina
Danny Robert
Paula Wolf
Larry Webber
Phil Walls
Pat Walls
Philip Bennett

We examine pictures I took last week around Gracie mansion.  It’s suggested we march around the mansion August 8th perhaps with party hats to show we’re not protesting or rallying per se.  Try to get rap group 4-Wheel City to perform.
Nadina: Bloomberg is trying to use the ADA against us: He says, “I won’t provide accessible taxis because the ADA says I don’t have to!”  We must demonstrate to party-goers the hypocracy.
We’ll need to reach as many people as possible, get them to come to the People’s Party, not the mayor’s.
What about food?  Popcorn, rice and beans from OWS?
Northstar has not talked about Gracie Mansion yet because they meet 1st of the month.  How many people can Northstar bring?
We’ll be demonstrating without a permit: we’ll say it’s a party.
Ramon: we’ll need at least 55 people there.
We can do this 2 ways: quietly so they don’t expect us but that limits the numbers joining us or spread the word far & wide.
The police DO NOT want to arrest wheelchair-users but they won’t hesitate to lock up standing folks.
We agree to spread the word on-line.  Make it appear a lot of people will demonstrate then the police disrupt the BBQ, maybe even shut down East End Ave.
We’ll need flyers, a Facebook page.
Should we let OWS “run the show,” call it “Occupy Gracie Mansion.”
Paula: what’s a good turnout?  40 people?
Will this interfere with Chris Noel’s case?
Philip should outreach to Matt Sapolin’s widow.
The Largest Minority broadcasts July 25th.
DIA can get Edith & Luda to spread the word.
Pat: folks at Northstar may be afraid of being blacklisted if they join us.
Should we invite politicians?  We should contact Susan Scheer at the Public Advocate’s office.
It would be nice if ICS did NOT bring people to the BBQ.
Feminist Assemblies 7/18/12 at Zucotti Park then 8/18 in Harlem.
7:25pm  We’re adjourned.

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