Disability Caucus meeting minutes, July 10, 2012

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Disability Caucus meeting, 7/10/12, 5:30pm, Union Sq. Park

Nadina Laspina
Daniel Robert
Gabriel Engel
Philip Bennett

We discuss strategy regarding the Aug. 8th BBQ at Gracie Mansion.  Instead of keeping it quiet, let’s make him believe it will be a massive demo and he’ll disrupt it.
Michele Equality Kaplan can write a song, maybe Philip can do a rap.
We agree to spread the word to come to our party, not Bloomberg’s.  Bring food and entertainment.
We should meet tomorrow and Saturday at Liberty Sq. Park.
Philip will go to Gracie Mansion tonight and take pictures of the area.
July 14th, 7 – 10pm: General Assembly at Liberty Sq. Park.
We adjourn

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