Disability Caucus May 29, 2012 meeting minutes

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OWS Disability Caucus 5/29/12, 5:30pm, Union Square.

Philip Bennett
Daniel Everett
Ramon Bellido
Danny Robert
Nadina Laspina
Larry Webber
Connie Lesold
Fusun Ateser

Inclusion: Owen: felt like I wasn’t involved with planning such as May Day.  OWS people don’t seem to know what’s happening in the world, eg Mexico City being shut down.  Euro collapsing.  Economic collapse is right around the corner.  We should get ourselves arrested for gambling by playing BINGO.  But we must worry about how far we can extend ourselves.
Important groups: Direct Action and the group running the website.
Nadina: I haven’t gone to the civil disobeliance school yet.
Ramon asks about single payer and it’s future.  We talk about the US Supreme Court.
Philip mentions Caring Across Generations Congress & proposed enforcement of overtime which may result in cutting of homecare hours.
Owen: homecare hours being cut already and we are constantly forced to lie and play games.  We need more unionization to protect workers.  Medicaid always pays set fee so hospitals can budget, don’t have to bargain as with HMOs.
We agree: Whole healthcare system is fucked up.
Fisuna says she has no healthcare coverage at all.
Connie: Healthcare for 99% largely comprised of doctors & nurses who don’t oppose forced treatment.
ADAPT met with Dept. of Labor about regs, pointed out that workers rarely works 12 hours on hes feet, so Dept. of Labor may say we’ll pay less than current rate for time sitting down, just being available.  We must be careful what we say.  We should demand time + 1/2 and settle.
Feminist GA: Nadina going to Thur. planning committee.  Philip gives his impressions of feminist GA in Wash Sq. Park: the women complain that the men don’t pay enough attention to them but they are too polite when asking for inclusion.
Nadina: reproductive rights is a particular concern for disabled women beyond right to end a pregnancy, there’s also forced sterylization, right to keep children once you have them, other forced treatment to make us as “normal” as possible.  But of course right to end pregnancy is most immediate threat.  Anti-choice people trying to bond with disabled on forced sterylization & physician-assisted-suicide.
Nadina: Women should be allowed to end pregnancy for what ever reason but women should have information available on both sides.
Feminist meeting places often not w/c accessible.  Feminist GA had one interpreter.
Next Women Occupying Wall St. (WOW) feminist GA to be at Christopher St. pier.  Date & time to be announced later.
Connie: AOT being voted on again.
Nadina: maybe we should have street theatre to attract more people.
Connie: AOT being voted on and maybe toughened.
We are adjourned.

One Response to “Disability Caucus May 29, 2012 meeting minutes”

  1. Owen

    Just to set the record correctly here, I am disabled. The “Inclusion” reference is a bit of a mystery.
    Getting arrested for playing Bingo (gambling) on Wall Street as part of a wider push for exposure would be great. (see link at bottom of post for further comment on this.)
    There are two other problems with these notes. I would never assume to speak for the group and use WE in such a statement, “But we must worry about how far we can extend ourselves.” I am concerned about overextending myself. I have issues with real medical issues with fatigue.
    “Owen: homecare hours being cut already and we are constantly forced to lie and play games. We need more unionization to protect workers…”
    I had to fight with Social Services to get hours REDUCED (an irony that is a bitter pill for all of us) The vast majority homehealth aids are run through agencies and these agencies have a lot of contact with Social Services. The potential for all sorts of doubtful relationships to form that do not necessarily serve the interests for which home healthcare is intended, namely our needs and to be executed rationally – it someone needs 24/7 coverage because their needs require it to so some on like myself who is very independent and needs minimal assistance, but still needs it. The sector is rife for abuse: regarding home health aids and their very poor working pay and their virtual lack of collective bargaining, wrongful dismissal, paid sick leave, maternity, etc. Additionally, the relationship between Social Services and Home healthcare agencies and the allotment of hours regardless of what the patient considers necessary or what their physician signs off on, is also an area that would do well with not only investigation of abuse but needs to be dealt with in a more reasonable manner. In the end we are the ones being treated as their modus vivendi, the scrutiny seems to be ill placed on us when it is the agencies and the infrastructures that are dealing with the huge cash flows. We are not cash cows, atms, cases, or clients!

    I continue to push for BINGO re a post earlier today on global revolution thread:


    A suggestion:
    Gambling is hot and has the potential to get hotter as a topic of press attention due to the continued pushes from our dear Gov. Cuomo and his recent failed attempt at Aqueduct raceway… Let’s do some shady gambling with (no real pay out other than the potential for getting arrested for gambling on Wall Street as well as educating people of the particulars as of the real main players…) I have been floating Mega Balls Bingo as a repeated fed hall steps action, but this could be expanded to Pinochle, dice, wagering w/ odds on all sorts of real life issues with a satiric twist, to hawk on card board signs, these “bookies” should be dressed in “floor” type jackets and carry pads to take “orders”. The main characters could be drawn from Tara’s list but should clearly included others i.e. Koch Bros. (We forget other international players too often. The Casino is indeed global…) They could be exposed on a weekly basis as honored guests, much as the Exchange does… informational web pages on each could be developed through the culling of public info on these notorious players, as part of this on-going action. Projections of this information could be done off site but could involve a march say from Wall to Battery Pk, Union or other location where greater public viewing would be more viable/encouraged? The no brainer: fitting silent disco into this somehow, if nothing for the spectacle of it… which of course adds to the mayhem and dare I say fun! I wish OWS would take a cue from Spain and groove to flamenco in Santander/Soverign Bank… Bankia and others..
    “Dealers” could also circulate through the mid day public recreating a more hyper experience… dealers could be card dealers, deal makers, floggers of great planned schemes looking for sucker backers, coke dealers… things go better with… so they say, but I wouldn’t know…

    Anyone, Everyone, please organize this, edit, expand, anything except ignore it…
    If done correctly OWS could even market this to potential protest tourists….¿no, es posible?