10/30/11 Meeting Minutes

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In attendance:
- Tina
- Jessica
- Adam
- Nicole
- Margarete
- Katie
Spokes council:
- Probably sit with Internet Working Group in spokes
- Who’s moderating the email group? Adam, Liz, Emily, and… who’s number 4?
- Where are the minutes? We need to get better at taking minutes and posting them online.
- What’s the process for our workflow? Some people are unclear. We need to make sure PMs have all the info they need to do their work.
- Basecamp issues: transparency, frowns from other groups, lack of access to other peoples’ projects creating a lack of discussion over new work.
- What’s the difference between the Google Group and the Forum? They’re separate at this point.
- Some people might be having issues with signing up for the Google Group. Maybe we add a link to it on the NYCGA site.
- Google group seems to serve us well.
- Should we create a volunteer form? No, we seem to be able to get volunteers into the group easily enough.
- Want to talk with Ron about setting up our NYCGA.net blog (note: Ron will hold training sessions every Sunday at 9pm for working groups to get their blog set up).
- We need a way for people to be able to submit designs, we’re getting a lot of submissions.
- Maybe we direct people to Occupy Design?
- Should we have working meetings outside of the Sunday meeting? Maybe yes, for special interests, like branding. Should be decided individually via Google Group email correspondence.
- Smaller groups should be allowed to work on longer-term projects so long as they report back to the group regularly, no “power plants”
- Maybe we have a special meeting for templates, too.
- Some interest in organizing a meeting with the Free/Libre/Open Source group to discuss issues with transparency and possible consultation on open source project management software solutions.
- We need to expand the branding discussion outside the group. Maybe have a special meeting outside the 1pm Sunday meeting.
- Get more discussion going on in the forum http://www.nycga.net/groups/design/forum/topic/ows-logo/
- Some people can’t use Knockout (font) and it’s not free. We should switch fonts. What about Oswald (font for Occupy Design)? Oswald doesn’t have a large enough family. Let’s look into different, open source options.

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