Design Working Group Meeting | Sunday, December 11th, 2011

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Transparency / Inclusiveness / Social Media Strategy

NYCGA.NET:  Please post more to We want to keep up a flow of activity on the NYCGA site so that our visibility is higher and people are more aware of our services. This includes: Posting to our page with comments & links, etc OR posting images of our own designs on the clients page. If I were to design something for Direct Action, I might post that on their NYCGA page so that the whole group can see, as well as anyone else looking at their page.


NEW MEMBERS:  Please be welcoming to OUR new members. When you see someone new has joined the group, feel free to send them an email and introduce yourself. These people are our comrades and future friends. So welcome them whenever you can. It has been said that sometimes we can be a bit clique-ish. We forget others are trying to get involved because we’re so busy. But try to say hello to our new members if you can.


SOCIAL MEDIA:  If you have a FaceBook account, please try to post to our new FB page, Occupy Wall Street Design Working Group. Find us on FB, if you haven’t already, and “Like” us. We are very likable, so it should only take a minute of your time. This page is aimed at increasing our visibility and membership — two very important things. So check us out, “Like” us and post your favorite OWS related video each week! Additionally, please be aware of our new Twitter account, which is linked to our FB page. Subscribe to us and get updated on things.


EMAIL: We are going to end use of emails other than our the and the email which people contact us through, PLease do not give out any other email address that has been created in the past. All non-members of design should be given




Comm Cluster

Tech is trying to get computers at 60 Wall so that people can have work stations if they do not have a computer.


At the unconference this week, any group is allowed to create an event / project / topic. If you have any ideas, let the group know. We discussed the idea of trying to take in new members to the Design WG.


Comm Cluster is developing a “Constant Contact”-style email blast. It will help keep people informed and involved. If the Design WG wants to have their own email blast, it may be arranged. This is however, still being developed.


Lastly, Comm is also developing a volunteer intake form. Possibly to be used with the email blasts.


Tony Bates, the man who owns WBAI fm, 99.5, has offered his services to make important announcements on his radio station. If you feel we might need to make an announcement that important, please bring it to the group for discussion.


Their was an initial proposal from someone at Coom that has a plan for better organization within OWS. The plan is in its early stages and hopefully we will hear more about it soon.




Project Report-Back

This week was very successful in terms of delivering a satisfactory design to our clients and meeting our deadline as well. We were widely praised by our clients this week and we desrve to give ourselves a pat on the back. Nice good Design WG!


Unfortunately, we are still rarely given the 3 day time span that we ask of our clients. Emily plans to update the language on the NYCGA site so that it make it more clear that we need a bit more time than the average “now, now, now and asap” kind of mentality our clients often have.  Hopefully we can improve upon this so that we aren’t always so pressed for time in the future.


Adam says: “Let’s be a little bit critical when we deal with clients — not in an offensive way — but let’s remember that most people have probably never been part of a design process, have never written copy and are unfamiliar with industry standards. We know how our jobs work best. If you see a client that seems to be doing something that isn’t a “best practice”, tell them so in a constructive way. We’ve had a lot of poorly written copy and misconceptions about terminology recently. Let’s educate our clients when possible. If you see something, say something.


When discussed, it seemed to be the consensus that for our first long-term, open to the public, design contest project info-graphics might be the best place to start. We can find good data from reputable sources and ask people to make them look beautiful. This project is so that we can acquire imagery to use, encourage interest in the movement and hopefully pull in new designers.












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