Design Meeting Notes 2/19/12

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Design Committee Minutes: 2.19.2012


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I.     Introductions

II.   Recent/Current Project Management

  1. Open format with rotating project managers (until recently) – This approach only recently ended. The Design Committee received LOTS of requests from this form, which necessitated significant project management work. Also, many of the requests required a lot of copywriting, editing, and/or branding work, which required more time and labor than the group of designers could provide. In short, this workload was unmanageable with the current number of project managers and designers.
  2. Designer-driven (current) – The open form has been temporarily shut down so that the Design Committee can focus on special projects and on recruiting more designers. The designers pick projects and work groups they are particularly interested in and offer design support. Many are focusing on large projects like OccupyWallStreet.Net and May Day. Requests also continue to come in by email/in person/etc.


III. Experimental/Future Project Management

  1. Open format without project managers (this spring?) – The open form may be relaunched in the spring, after a few big projects are completed, and once more designers are recruited. There may be changes to the original system to ensure that designers have enough content to work with (possibly a FAQ or different form to ensure adequate copy, etc.).
  2. Basic design resources (future) – The Design Committee may focus its efforts in part on developing logos and other basic design elements for use by many OWS groups. Vector files may be made available for members of working groups with more design experience. Some other occupations have created similar toolboxes already. There would be a lot of benefits to having design resources located in one central place. Arts & Culture is working on OWS Share, which we could contribute to and perhaps they would like to house on
  3. Infographics and data sources (future) – Some designers interested in pursuing this as a communication tool for the movement. Depending on the project, the work of the Design Committee may range from purely facilitative (e.g. provide access to an interesting database) to developing the statistics and designing the full infographic. Groups like Data Without Borders may have good resources for this. May consider a “creativity within constraint” model, whereby the infographic challenges are limited to 1-3 topics per month, or a handful of data sets.


IV. Project Management Software

  1. Base Camp – This is what we have been using, but it has some major kinks. It needs a central admin/project manager, which makes it difficult to have a horizontally-structured organization.
  2. Collabtive – This is an open source project management solution that Emily is looking into. She may experiment with putting it up on her own server, so that we can test drive it before relaunching the form. One of the benefits it offers is import from Basecamp. Hoping that Collabtive will allow anyone to set up a project space.
  3. Open Atrium – Another open source project management option, if Collabtive does not have the features that we need.
  4. Dropbox – The group already has a Dropbox account. This may be used temporarily as a central place to store our work.


V.   Soliciting New Designers

An ongoing need. Flyering around town ongoing. One problem is that many good designers already have enough work. The group may want to work on their orientation document/FAQ for new members of the design group.

VI. Meeting Frequency

The group is going to start meeting biweekly, so that designers can be more involved in working groups that they may want to work with.

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