Decision Making Process

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Proposal Process: Proposals can be made and consensed upon online or at meetings.
1. Post proposal to group with the word “Proposal” in the subject.
2. Give three days for concerns, clarifying questions and friendly amendments.
3. Post updated proposal with poll with the following options: support, block, stand aside, needs further discussion.
4. Needs further discussion stops the process for more discussion. Every person who wants to discuss the proposal further should select that option so we know how many items we are waiting to discuss.
5. Following discussion, post updated proposal with same poll options as in 3.
6. The group has three days to vote. Steps 3-6 can be repeated until all discussion is satisfied and we have consensus.

At meetings:
As already discussed. If proposals are given time limits and we reach the end of time before consensus is reached, the group may vote on whether or not they want to dedicate more time to the proposal at that meeting. If they do not, the discussion can continue on the group per the steps above. If the proposal has not yet been voted on when the next meeting comes, we can push to vote without further discussion, by consensus minus 1.

All decisions should be made ASAP, so if we don’t reach consensus on a proposal at meeting, we can take it to the group online and and vice versa.

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