December 8 Think Tank Minutes

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Logistics Meeting at 60 Wall 12/8/11

Minutes taker: Hannah


Summary of the Flying Seminar @ New School:

  • Bill Zimmerman, civil rights activist.
  • Discussion about contemporary politics and activism
  • Video available on Flying Seminar website

Listserve Logistics

  • People wanting to be on logistics list who aren’t. Lots of people aren’t shared on the Google doc. Also Google doc about mobile site. Emily volunteering to test.


Finance/Mobile Think Tank

  • Estimated costs = 2,048.81 includes recording devices, dry erase board, memory cards, promotional materials
  • OccupyDesign  (Courtney)
  • Evan to follow up with someone who offered free fliers
  • Michael could pay for recording stuff***** (NYU archives)
  • How to apply through finance; go to facilitation to get in on the agenda for GA
  • Go to facilitation 24hours before we want to
  • Go to facilitation to propose tomorrow/Friday; who? Hannah to write.
  • x to present at Saturday GA (?)
  • Richard on the urgency of finance needs (batteries, etc.)
  • Daily budget – photocopying; batteries;
  • Google doc on specific sites for mobile think tank
  • Subcommittee to deal with mobile kits = Emily
  • Evan – people are starting to enjoy TT as a place to get information. (passing out literature or fliers) How to answer people’s questions about things
  • Are there greeters? There HAVE to be in mobile think tank. Needs to be someone to handle side conversations.
  • We need to bring fliers from info (Stan)
  • Tony @ WBAI to advertise – 99.5 (510) 508-2566 Tony Bates;
  • When to start mobile think tank? After we get the kit.
  • Storage for the kits
  • bag into which board; easel; marker; recorder will fit. Making kit mobile.***


Meeting Times?

  • Another poll on logistics meeting times. Courtney?
  • Compiling agenda items in one place online.



  • Richard talks about terrible experience at Spokes Council.
  • The relevance of think tank toward modeling organization.
  • Getting Cathy involved more in organization.
  • How can we better differentiate our roles?
  • Our OWS Think Tank gmail is not getting read. We need Email readers – writing an automatic response to the Think Tank email address

Archives – Michael

  • 30 gigs downloaded onto a server. A couple students figuring out what we have.
  • 2 things: summaries and technical analysis
  • Group of 4 from media preservation department, to assess from a technical point of view, what needs to be done. To start second week in new year
  • “Feed me as much as you got!”
  • If recording is done on other devices, put data on memory stick, or email files.
  • Michael to bring a bunch of memory sticks next week. Then download on NYU server.
  • The urgency of finance.

Question of direct response in Think Tank.

  • Seems to be dependent on the facilitator. If facilitator chooses to use it, it’s up to the facilitator to control the conversation.
  • Limit to three direct responses; and then for the original speaker to respond
  • It’s a balancing act; there’s no formula
  • As long as you’re clear as a facilitator… if it’s transparent it will usually work
  • Accepting direct responses until they get out of control
  • Courtney to make a note in the hand signal guide about direct response
  • Allow the conversation to move away from the initial subject if need be; proceed with a temperature check;
  • The difficulty in mobile think tank of allowing flexibility in the topic; how to respond to the “what the hell do you all want?” interjection. People over process. But how to deal with incivility

Other Questions

  • How to coordinate with outreach?
  • How to coordinate with visions and goals?
  • wikiPage for Pace University 12/18 (also talk to tech opps); should we get a room at Pace for 12/18? Stan
  • Conflicting events on 12/18 – Movement Building Day and an event at Pace (Training – Direct Action; Facilitation; Interoccupation Unconference)
  • Looks like they’re actually the same thing – 2-8pm @ Pace.



The Winter Schedule

  • With Mobile Think Tank, should we change schedule?
  • 2 days mobile; 5 days park
  • @ 37 degrees, it’s too cold to sit around. The rain, etc.
  • Don’t like having it in 60 Wall. Only get Occupy people
  • 2 sessions per day vs. 3
  • Should we take regular shifts? And then if I can’t come on my regular shift I get someone else to cover it.
  • 1 session per day around lower Manhattan; 1 session mobile
  • We need new facilitators – outreach
  • Someone to make an announcement at Friday’s Spokes Council. Who?
  • Someone needs to be the point person for scheduling; that’s the person to direct new potential facilitators to that person. NINA

Exporting/Global Think Tank

  • Are we ready to email out our documents?
  • InterOcc as a place to email
  • Who’s going to work on this?
  • Tim to talk to his mom about this

Mobile Working Group – bus from NY to Florida for info; 11am 60 Wall

Goldman Sachs action on Monday – giant squid day**** 7:30 @ cube and at City Hall Park. Nina to email us about this action

Fundraising & Funding

  • The issue of autonomous fundraising
  • Thinking about taking $$ from the general fund vs.
  • Applying for a grant
  • Richard strongly in favor of autonomous funding; how to set up a funding mechanism
  • Should we do a kickstarter? Who’s been filming us?
  • A fundraising working group getting started
  • How to move forward with this? Hannah
  • Funding for transcription
  • Make the fundraising transparent?


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