December 21, 2012 Assembly Notes

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December 21, 2012

60 Wall Street 7:00pm

Self-Facilitated-Note Taker Sumumba/Stack Ali


Report backs-Stop and Frisk-Ale-January 7th next meeting-Occupy Sandy-no one in attendance from Occu-Evolve, Jackie wants to find ways to make sure Occupy Sandy does not turn into a NGO. Occupy Sandy-Robert 7 group formed DC action- Omar , Jackie, went to successful action. Doug  Occupy Sandy.  Bill and Barbara-GMOP/no show-Marty spoke of Walmart action and upcoming Haiti action. Carlos –no meeting Sumumba-Queens GA, Louis bottomlining Stop and Frisk action on December 30 in Jackson Heights (Queens). Thursday-LOC-no meeting


*Occu-Evolve separate list for Online discussions: The proposal is that the occu-evolve google group be used expressly for actions, strategies  outreach and announcements of meetings related to Occu-Evolve wg’s and committees and that a separate google or occupy list be started for discussions. Both groups continue to have community agreement in place and be monitored.  Consented

*We also call our assemblies Community or Movement Assemblies-Tabled

Action proposal to take action-Social Safety Working Group on ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Doug will follow up/Marty and Sumumba will bottomline actions about the pending budget deal in Washington between the Democrats and Republicans Consented.

*Membership in committees is based on actual participation-meaning the ability to post online and or make reportbacks on the actions/activities of different committee is based on the people who are doing the actual work. This eliminates soapboxing and wasting time by speaking off process at our meetings and on our listserve. –Consented

34$-collected 41.64 already in account- seeking partners with solidarity about Financial-Robert and Sumumba will be Treasurers

Committees are below:

*Political/Education/Historical Committee-responsible for creation of outreach materials-visions and goals-as consented by Assembly-Sumumba, Omar, Malu

*Outreach Committee-Responsible for duplication of outreach materials and bottomlining outreach, speakers. Including Social Media-Sumumba, and Malu

*Action/Event Committee-responsible for organizing actions(staffing) and/or meeting spaces –Sumumba, Omar

*Data Entry/Archiving/Record Keeping Committee -Responsible for minutes, archiving-Jarrietha (backup)

*Accounting Committee-fundraising –outreach, supporting Full-Time Occupiers, Occupations, fees to use for actions and or meetings-Noz, Sumumba


NOTE: All committees would constitute the central committee which is answerable to the entire assembly


Open Discussion

(A Continuation of our discussion and re-invisioning of Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement that began October 17th)

Discussion centered on the direction of Occupy Wall Street whether it will turn into NGO and/or will it fight gentrification that’s coming after Sandy. Occu-Evolve will begin holding assemblies addressing this issue and invite people from OWS.

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