December 14, 2012 Assembly Notes

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December 14, 2012

60 Wall Street 7:00pm

Self-Facilitated-Note Taker Sumumba/Stack Ali

Introductions-December 18th court date

Report backs-Stop and Frisk-Ale-28,000 raised at Fundraiser. CCR is suing NYPD on Stop and Frisk. Jackie, Doug did reportback on Occupy Sandy meetings will continue at St. Jacobi also there will be follow up to Bryant Institute Conference on Labor and Sandy in January.  Sumumba OWS movement Monday continue Monday December 17th 60 Wall Street. 6 Bill-Staten Island –recovering ongoing for Sandy on Staten Island, Occupy Sandy doing good work on Island. Several Ongoing actions plans  AM-Transit Hearing reportback on M60 BUS and additional bus lines being re-added to routes in most Boroughs. /Crown Heights Assembly December 15th– Housing hearing on Tuesday December 19th . Carlos did reportback on Occupying the Pipeline and said there would be follow up meetings on Wednesday at Brecht Forum. Court hearing on Fracking on December 18th 80 Center Street. Louis from Occupy Queens announced march/rally against Christine Quinn later in the month and also the need to coordinate for actions against Stop and Frisk and to Support Cultural Competency in Queens, both he and Sumumba Occu-Evolve (Queens) to promote that. Sumumba will brief reportback on Golden Farms, negotiations with Sonny Kim have begun, group consented to Occupying The Subways to do outreach for a variety of issues including Golden Farm. Barbara did reportback on GMOP…((GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS) actions upcoming, not clear on what the Affinity Group ‘Money Out/Voters In ‘ is doing in terms of a follow up meeting to their most recent one 12-1-12.

Proposal for Occu-Evolve Structure consented on which reads:

Occu-Evolve Structure Proposal

This proposal is being raised to address two issues within Occu-Evolve which include:  Organization and Direction.  I propose that we create and focus on FIVE areas within Occu-Evolve

*Direction/Visions and Goals:


1.             Stop and Frisk/Civil-Human Rights –Works on issues related to stop and frisk, civil and human rights across the city.-Ale


2.             Money out of Politics-Works with OWS Money out of Politics group as well as Money Out/Voters in Affinity Group to get Money out of politics and end corporate personhood. Other relevant political issues.-Sumumba –Bill


3.             Environment-From the Spectra Pipeline to other issues affecting our environment-Carlos


4.             Community Assemblies-Develops more COMMUNITY based assemblies in all communities in general and particularly working class and communities of color specifically. Working with existing Occupy Assemblies to increase diversity and a community base as well as Community Based Organizations already in existence-Sumumba


5.             Labor-Works on Current labor struggles. Current Labor issues include: Golden Farm, Fast Food Workers, Walmart, Labor and Sandy and others.-Omar


*The Creation of Visions and Goals will come out of the Community Assembly

**Each group must have at least TWO bottom liners to function and be present for each meeting/action.






*Political/Education/Historical Committee-responsible for creation of outreach materials-visions and goals-as consented by Assembly-Sumumba, Omar, Malu

*Outreach Committee-Responsible for duplication of outreach materials and bottomlining outreach, speakers. Including Social Media-Sumumba, and Malu

*Action/Event Committee-responsible for organizing actions(staffing) and/or meeting spaces –Sumumba, Omar

*Data Entry/Record Keeping-Responsible for minutes, archiving-Jarrietha (backup)

*Accounting Committee-fundraising –outreach, supporting Full-Time Occupiers, Occupations, fees to use for actions and or meetings-Noz, Sumumba


All committees would constitute the central committee which is answerable to the entire assembly


43$ Collected-$30.00 Toward Weekly Metro Card remaining will go to OCCUPY OSI.

Open Discussion centered around Occupy Sandy’s connection to Occupy Wall Street. Community Agreement discussed and group consented to NOT allow the thread which included religious references perceived as bigoted to remain on list serve.

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