Dec. 15th 10:00am Minutes – Houseless Working Group

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Agenda Items

*note* please use the term houseless, and not homeless. there is a difference. you can take your home wherever you go. you can’t take your house.


1) -Food for houseless people


-different dietary needs

2) -Occupying Dorms

3) -Outreach

-neighborhoods with high unemployment rate

-recruit them into the movement

4) -internal discussion about validity of houseless working group involving Rocka (sp?) working group

(side note, received group laptop)


1)        -handed out MRE’s, planning on handing out more

-want to use them for outreach

-suggested that someone contact military surplus

2)       -during xmas, lots of kids go home, possible opportunity

-Aura said they’d look into this, report back

3)       -Crown Heights, Time Sq, Lower East Side (ABC city)

-Alec going to scout this, already does a gorrilla needle exchange in area

4      -Rocka group interrupted during the whole meeting. They were allowed to speak but did not abide by the process.

-direct quote from Razor was “Shut this group down.”

-based on this feedback, new point people have been established for accounting


-25 people attended meeting

-2 people appointed as accounting point people: William Conley, Alec Courtney

-agreed that no funds can be distributed without both point people present

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