DAP Meeting Minutes Weds. Jan 18, 2012

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• CJ
• Shawn
• Lopi
• Becky
• Owen

Facilitator: Lopi
Minutes: Shawn


1) We have no money! What do we do?

Becky: Find really cheap/free materials… Maybe sell some of our banners?

Lopi: If we do sell some of our art, I’d really like for the people who worked on it to get paid a little

but I dont think we should sell them, rather hold onto them to use for actions. We have a nice inventory building


2) Banner Requests

– OccuTrip: Want to get some banners already made,  maybe make one specially for them? They are also going to paint the bus! That’s gonna happen in Boston.

Details: the tour is 5 weeks, from Jan 25 to the end of February.  CJ is going from 2/10-2/19.  Anyone can request to join at bit.ly/occutripsignup

So maybe we could be involved with painting banners/ painting the bus!

Maybe they could borrow the “Another World Is Possible” banner –

+ Is there funding in the OccuTrip budget for arts? Maybe they could use us to fulfill their budget!

CJ: Question – if we did get funds, would we paint for them?

– We don’t know, because we are considering a strike.

Shawn: Tell them that we want to do it, but we’re on strike!

Becky promises not to be a scab!

Lopi wants to paint the bus but its in Boston. Doesn’t want to go to Boston.

3) Art Strike

Lopi expresses frustration with shlepping art supplies all over to try to get work done all last week and how she would finally get set up in a space, start working and then be told its time to leave. Art supplies are heavy!

We now don’t have a space that we can access 24 hours a day to work in.  It needs to be large enough to paint large banners on the floor and have ventilation so we can spray paint inside. The spending freeze took away our budget for art supplies. We dont have an account with MFTA’s and we cant get one for 6 months. We are considering going on an ART STRIKE

To refocus our energy into fundraising so we can actually have a workspace and access to supplies to make art with.

Can the group consense on the Art Strike?

Clarifying Questions?

Becky: Can we paint autonomously?   A: yes..

Lopi: Should we announce it?

CJ: hell yeah! That’s what a strike is! Can we announce it at Spokes Tonight?

All: Hell yeah!


Becky: How long are we striking for?

Lopi: Until we get a space to work in, and funds for materials.

Friendly Amendements? – No.

Blocks? – No.


4) Space

Occupied Office Situation:

The office said that we can have limited access, from 10am to 1pm for our needs.  No painting/spraypainting.

Accounting is open from 1:00-5:00.

We can request use of the space at night by contacting Evangelina.

Becky: If we got $ for supplies, would we be cool with working in SIS?

5) Kickstarter

We should make a kickstarter! This involves

Lopi: We need a video…

Becky: I have a Flip Cam!

Lopi: I can talk to the Global Rev people..

Shawn: That’s a big project.. Maybe I can help by editing the video.  I can also help by writing copy.

Lopi: Also, you need to include rewards… Let’s all say things we can donate!

CJ: I will choreograph a dance, for a high level donation!

Becky: I can make tent stnecils for low-level donations.. Maybe some jewelry or something too?

Shawn: Signs, OWS memorabilia,

Lopi: T-shirts, posters,

Shawn: I feel like we should have some high-level items, that in the event that people do donate $500 or $100 or $2000, we could easily make them up.

Lopi: “easily make them up?” it took us a week to make that huge banner. That banner is worth at least 2G’s It’s not easy to whip up a banner or a large scale stencil. The MLK stencil took me a week and that was on high drive. Usually two weeks is normal.

The movement needs to honor Labor. We want the world to honor our labor. Start at home. Artists are underappreciated and people always expect them to give their work away for free and work for free. It’s hard work making art. That needs to be understood. Why work hard and not be able to sustain our livelihood? It’s not sustainable. We have bills to pay.

6) Action Idea

Lopi: I have an idea that doesn’t break our strike!

Since we can’t have a conversation because we don’t have a right to public assembly right now – we need our public assembly to solve our problems! They keep arresting us  when we try to peacefully assemble…….

censored due to safety concerns

7) Proposal:

Owen joins the meeting half way through and patiently waits to speak:

“Hi, I’m Owen, I work mostly with Translation – I have an idea that maybe you could help me with…”


The meetings ends, and a breakout discusses Owen’s project: Translated version of the Declaration of the Occupation.


DAP means…

Dance Action Party

Definitely Awesome People

Debonair And Poised

Dangly Aural Pendulums


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