DAP Meeting Minutes Weds. Dec 21, 2011

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Direct Action Painters Minutes

Note: First meeting of D.A.P. Yeah!

December 21, 2011 Wednesday 5:30pm 60 Wall St

Attendees: Lopi, James, Adrian, CJ, Calem, Hero Vincent, Shawn@shawn,


Shawn – stealth, planning

CJ– they or she, good at logistic, stage manager background, fabric, interested in printing,

Calem– been doing spray paint, stencils, spraying around,

Adrian– filmmaker

James painter, any paint, draw illustrate, would like to learn ways of doing banners like wheat pasting

Lopi– stencils, oil painter, spray painter, printmaker, silkscreen, design, portrait painter, lettering, seamstress, builder, carpenter, rigging, lighting, stage hand

Hero- Organizer, Facilitator

FIRST ITEM ON AGENDA- PIZZA!   (two pizzas delivered to meeting, all hands consensed upon daily funds going to cover it)


1.1        Agenda: D.A.P. Mission statement review


  • Shawn: Maybe I’m being picky, I thing we should take out directly naming groups we’re affiliated with, like DAWG. Just to be safe. If someone says, “Who are they? They never worked with me.”
  • CJ: What if Library wants a sign?
  • James: If it’s something we don’t’ feel comfortable doing.
  • CJ: Someone might say “You’re a subgroup of D.A.W.G., you don’t have your own group.”
  • Lopi: We’re involved in other groups.
  • CJ: We need something more systematic
  • Shawn: Friendly Amendment to remove DAWG from mission
  • Lopi: Any clarifying questions or concerns. One amendment to remove working group affiliation.


Mission Statement agreed upon. Consensus passed.



1.2       Agenda: Community Guideline Review


  • Lopi: Back of paper has community guidelines


Group reviews guidelines. Abusive language is highlighted.

Clarifying questions to Community Guidelines?

  • Adrian: Does “abusive’ and “disruptive” need to be defined in the doc?
  • Shawn: It is
  • Hero: I think we all know when someone is being abusive
  • Shawn: we can take a temperature check
  • Lopi: This is to guard us against those that would block productivity



Friendly Amendments?

Any Blocks for the Community Guidelines?


Discussion: IsAdrian a cop?Adrian is apprehensive about descriptions of his clothing.

Agenda Item: Finance Point People

  • Lopi: Getting funds from GA
  • Shawn: Can we get a [weekly / utility] budget? $100 is a reimbursement but we can get a budget like Tech for basic infrastructure.
  • Lopi: Couple of things: Our major expense will be a space. Renting a space is our biggest budget. A hundred a day is good for supplies only.
  • Shawn: Not a problem.
  • Lopi: No, it is. There’s no consensus in Accountability (Finance) about expenses. One person says as long as the reciepts are from different days, not exceeding 100$ a day, others say differently. It’s confusing.
  • James: One day is good.
  • CJ: P.O.I. Group in DA is looking to get a weekly allowance rather than daily.
  • Lopi: We need two point people. I offer myself because I will be purchasing art supplies for group. Can we get one more?
  • Shawn: I’ll offer myself. Nothing more than who want to go to the office and wait.
  • Lopi: Any problem with Lopi and Shawn as finance point people?


All hands twinkle.


1.3       Agenda: Space


  • Hero: I may have a space.
  • Lopi: It can’t be a living space but a work space.
  • Hero: It’s an art studio.
  • Calem: Will we have to go to GA?
  • Lopi: Just think of upcoming project and funding we need.
  • James: More than a thousand is a lot.
  • Hero: 35 Black is $1,100
  • CJ: Leaving soon, may not be in this project.


Action happening: “Wounded Knee” Commemoration. ­­­­­


  • Lopi: Should we develop a stencil portrait of Native American / scenes?
  • Hero: P.O.P.
  • Lopi: Got a lot to do. It’s killing me.


Back on Topic


  • Hero: Talk about working space.
  • CJ: I don’t want to 4 people working and 12 just hanging around.
  • Shawn: Design WG has a request from that we can use for our purposes. It’s a good way to say, “Look, we’re open to everyone. Come and fill out this sheet.
  • Lopi: But it is not for specific projects.
  • Shawn: it depends on the project.

Lopi: There needs to be coordination between D.A.W.G and D.A.P.

Shawn will develop form for website to allow requests for signage

Next meeting?? Wednesday Dec 28th, 530pm location TBA


Meeting adjourned.



Next Meeting, next Wednesday at 5.30PM

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