DAP Meeting Minutes Wed 28th, 2011

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Meeting Was held at the Treehouse in Red Hook


Adrian, CJ, Becky, Shawn and Lopi


Check in


Food Budget

Check in:

How’s everyone Feeling, everyone took turns sharing where they were at physically, emotionally….. general temp check was Up Twinkles! Excitement over the work space being temporarily loaned to us, excitement over the awesome banners we are working on, most people said they were hungry too.

Banners for D31 – Discussion of how to proceed in layout and painting of banners and posters for D31 covert actions

Food Budget – People discussed allocating some portion of daily budget on food when working on banners, signs or covert actions…

It was decided that when DAP is in session, working on building banners for the movement, if we are far away from where kitchen is serving, that we can purchase cheap and reasonable food for the crew. We also agreed that dumpster diving when possible would be actively pursued.

Consensus was reached. Then we ordered a pizza and got to work.

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