DAP Community Guidelines

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Community Guidelines

DAP encourages participation from all who respect the following guidelines:

  • No Abusive Language, ie name calling, or threats of abuse
  • WAIT = Why Am I Talking?
  • Respect the Process
  • Rumor Control – if you have an issue with someone speak directly to them
  • De-Escalation– ┬áIn Conflict, use de escalation and NVC to resolve it. If it cannot be resolved by those present, utilize the resources of Mediation working group and NVC
  • Listen First
  • Step Up, Step Back


ANYONE who uses abusive language in a meeting will be first reminded of these guidelines and asked to comply, second time they will be warned and a third time will be asked to leave the meeting. If they do not leave, appropriate measures will be taken to remove them.

They will not be welcome to return to the group.

A person who continually disrupts the process will be banned from the group indefinitely.

Blocks are only upheld if the group reaches consensus that it is a valid block based on a moral, ethical or safety concern for the movement, not the individual.

A person whose blocks are determined to be invalid more than three times is no longer allowed to block any proposal, ever.

Our purpose is to foster creativity. Creativity cannot exist and flourish with negativity.


this doc was approved by formal consensus on December 21, 2011

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