CWC Meeting Minutes–1.18.2012

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Present: Anthony, Dasha, Elizabeth, Ryan, Tim, Zak

– Situation with minutes from our meeting on 1.11.2012? — Anthony gave them to Lauren from Minutes, who has yet to e-mail them to him [by the time of posting these minutes she apparently has e-mailed them], once this is done he will post them! Also, Anthony is now an admin for the group on

– Reportbacks:
–Spending freeze! Applies to $100 a day for working groups [in hindsight: duh]; exceptions are for Housing [metrocards and/or…?], Medical, and Kitchen.
–On that note, Ellis is still MIA [at the time of this meeting], and thus unable to give Accounting the receipts owed to them, the bastard.
–the May 1st committee/”coalition”/group/whatever is getting its shit together! An organizational, more precisely, communicative, structure was consented upon at the most recent meeting. Debate as to whether it’ll be advertised as a General Strike or something else is ongoing because we’re OWS and that is kinda how we operate…
–Comrade Chepe is organizing “Solidarity Squads,” which are basically a form of grassroots combo direct action/outreach/mutual aid: someone contacts the group doing it and, after a vetting process of some sort, receives help in fighting oppressing forces, be they landowners, government bureaucrats, or bosses, and from there is (highly) encouraged to help out with other future Solidarity Squads.

Reminder/etc: MetroCards are to be assigned from CWC on an emergency basis only!

Proposal: move our meetings somewhere indoors (as long as it’s fucking cold anyway)!!!!!
–Consented upon by the group unanimously, with the main suggestions being Joe’s and Charlotte’s Place (since no one likes the idea of meeting in 60 Wall).


[notes taken, transcribed, and posted by zak, who obviously doesn’t give too much of a fuck about how classy these things are(n’t)]

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