Current Demands Framework Proposal

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‘We seek a process through which the Demands Working Group can help the movement frame  grievances, express goals, and envision possibilities. We aim to assemble the open source contributions as well as the demands articulated by other occupations into policy points that can be ratified in the NYC GA and embraced as a movement. We support using  modified consensus, embrace a non-aligned political perspective, and work in tandem with Goals and Visions (Open Source and Think Tank and Outreach) to put these ideas into language that everyone can support.


Generating a Demands Framework

An existing OWS working sub-group will:

1. Discuss and research the history of demands in social movements throughout time.

2.  Compile a list of the different uses and goals of demands.

3. Formulate multiple methods for making demands.

4. Coordinate with other working groups to conduct outreach on demands issues with the intent of collecting data on possible demands

5. Produce and provide information to contribute to demands proposals to be brought before the General Assembly in the future.

6. Outsource the specific implementation details of ratified demands to appropriate groups within the movement.


The How, Here, & Right Now

  1. Demands working group operates on ¾ modified consensus.
  2. Demands working group does not meet for more that two hours at a time.
  3. Demands working group  is subdivided into 3-5 person ‘working units’ which focus on the phrasing and implementation of singular demands.
  4. Demands working group consists of sub-groups in four basic concentrations:

DEMAND COLLECTION. (Collects Demands from rest of OWS movement)

DEMAND ARTICULATION. (Works in working units to phrase individual demands in small groups)

DEMAND IMPLEMENTATION. (Introduces formulated demands to the GA to attempt ratification.)

DEMAND POLICY. (Outsources the implementation details to create policy packages on each demand)


To be ratified if possible on 11.1.11.

Drafted by: Andy, Adler, Lee, Mike, Jennifer, Kevin, Paul, Jodi, Mikey, Woods, & John.

(Demands Framework Subgroup)



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