Credit Unions in NYC (cross post)

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Credit Unions in NYC


This list is not meant to be exhaustive—if you do not see a credit union for which you are eligible, check, or ask the HR manager at your employer if your work makes you eligible for a credit union membership.  Many churches have also formed credit unions (too numerous to list here—check with your religious leader).


Credit Unions are not owned by their sponsor organization (e.g., NYU or NBC), but are independent legal entities owned 100% by their member/depositors.  One person, one vote.


Lower East Side People’s FCU (#24232)                          

37 Avenue B                                    (212) 529-8197

Membership Eligibility: Live, work, worship or belong to an organization in the LES (CB3) or Central Harlem (CB10); Earn less than $38,000 annually and live anywhere in NYC; live in an HDFC coop or DAMP building or are affiliated with a partner organization (check website).  5,000 members.


Municipal Credit Union (state chartered)              

27 Cortland Street                        (212) 693-4900

Membership Eligibility: Very wide variety of State, local & city employees & retirees in NYC.  300,000 members.


New York University FCU (#23958)                          

14 Washington Place                        (212) 995-3171

Membership Eligibility: All students, faculty, staff, NYU alumni, retirees and their immediate family members.  2,000 members.


Actor’s FCU (#15358)                                                  

165 W. 46th St, 14th Fl.            (212) 869-8929

Membership Eligibility: Members and employees of various actor’s guilds & programs (check website).   17,000 members.


1199 SEIU FCU (#24670)                                                  

310 W. 43rd St, 2nd Fl.                        (212) 957-1055

Membership Eligibility:  1199 SEIU members.   32,000 members.


Education Affiliates FCU (#23500)                          

25 W. 43rd St, Rm. 311            (212) 302-1954

Membership Eligibility: CUNY/FIT staff and others—call for info.  4,000 members.


NBC (N.Y.) Employees FCU (#22351)                          

30 Rock                                     (212) 664-3970

Membership Eligibility: NBC employees, retirees and their families.  I wonder if Tina Fey is one of the 2,000 members?


New York Times Employees FCU (#9358)              

620 8th Ave, 28th Fl.                        (212) 354-0351 x111

Membership Eligibility: Presumably NYT employees, retirees and families. 7,000 members.


Information from, and CU sites.  This document was not produced by and is not affiliated with any organization.

3 Responses to “Credit Unions in NYC (cross post)”

  1. namzezam comcomist

    i would like to compare credit unions with comcomized units –
    here is the guideline for agreement of the second and yo can download its manual from here–files/peer-owners-your-net-cancel/Peer-Owners.pdf Also see on ows this

    Questions where shall i find the agreement for the credit union and/or who can help in comparing the 2?

  2. namzezam comcomist

    The point i try to make is this : as credit union owned only by its members: one vote – one member and being not-for-profit cooperative institution, could the agreement of the association being the cooperative can specify the term of exit of tis memebrs, is so what are the terms and how they affect the value of the union.

    The agreements for comcomized units are focused on this issue and can be implement in the agreement of the credit union. the resone to so is to provide more power (instantly effecting the value of the whole union) to each of the members especially as the scale of members is increased.

    • FogOfWar

      The link is very complicated, but I think CUs are much simpler.

      If you satisfy the “field of membership” you may join by opening an account. This entitles you to one vote, like all other members.

      If you wish to leave, you close your account.

      Hope this helps.