Constitution Working Group Minutes 1/20/2012

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Constitution Working Group Meeting
January 20, 2012 –  11.30am -12.30pm
Posted on NYCGA.NET/Announced to all 48 Members
1. Review of new WG rules via ComHub proposal-
Groups must meet weekly, Have at least 5 people per meeting, Post minutes and meeting times on
All are in earnest to proceed with the Working Group – much to do!
2. Regular meeting time -Sundays at 5pm as conference calls

 On-site meetings TBA as Members Available and as Needed
All meetings open to anyone who wants to attend.

3. Seven Petitions for Redress –
New Petitions Needed?
*Group has agreed we need to add new Petitions on the NDAA, SOPA, Citizens United, and Occupy the Courts, if this progresses.
Presented to America from Who?
*We agreed to proceed to forward the Petitions nationally as the “Constitution Working Group of OWS” for ALL the People of America.”
*We will all read the Principles of Autonomy to understand our boundaries for Direct Action. (The Petitions may be co-sponsored with We The People Congress – the non-political Constitution Lobbies being formed across America to hold government accountable)
Stepping up Public Awareness and Support for Clean Elections Petition in Lieu of Voter Fraud and 2012 Elections
*We talked about disseminating the Vote Count Transparency Petition (Clean Elections) individually, with more and more people concerned about voter fraud in our primaries and elections
Marketing the Petitions
*We agreed to reach out to other Occupy groups who want to know about and support the Petition Action and get them involved.  We will research best ways to do this.
*We agreed to talk to other OWS and Occupy working groups to form a special team to create a plan to market the Petitions/website, individually and/or together, nationally, so we can generate mass awareness and drive millions to the site to sign, especially Tech, Com-Hum, Mobile, Media and others.
4. New National Constitution “Lobby” (non-political) and State Constitution Lobbies being Formed of by and for the People to hold government accountable through citizen monitoring in every town and city
*People in New York and Connecticut have already started groups that will in effect be constitutional watchdogs, to point out any violations. These may be groups we want to interact with in the future or at least keep updated on their actions. People in Kansas and Nebraska have done the same, with citizens in 23 other states in process.  Called “We The People Congress, Inc.”
We’ll all be addressing issues by restoring claiming and exercising our Right to Petition for Redress, the Petitions showing how many violations there are and the People exercising their Right to demand their Redress.  This is the peaceful, legal first-step to working within the framework of our constitutional system of governance.
5. How can we network through other groups, and other Occupations?
A member will investigate opportunities to have a constitutional presence at the Southeast Occupy Conference (Atlanta, GA March 9-11);
Also, one of the members has approached LeftForum (March 16-19), about a Constitution Panel for the conference.  Idea was well-received. Follow-through now needed.  Deadline January 31, but moving sooner to get 1500 word abstract, bio and speakers decided.
We agreed to reach out and visit other key working group meetings — political and electoral reform, alternative currencies, movement building, etc. to talk about the Constitution
A member will use the internet to raise awareness of the OWS Constitution Working Group efforts with groups and organizations and working groups likely to be supportive, interested.
Meeting adjourned at 12.30pm
Next Meeting: January 29 – 5pm
Minutes to be posted as required and sent to all CWG members by email.

Respectfully Submitted
Jason and Judith

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