Community Meeting Minutes — 07.Dec.2011

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07 Dec 2011


SPSA Community Meeting – Minutes


- 37 in Attendence


- Open forum / question style meeting


- Proposal for metrocards (200) was passed for occupiers at 60 wall street most likely will happen again this week (thurs/fri)


- Discussed about Housing issues (location and general questions) also spoke about a possible location for laundry.


- A person from media spoke about how they work on the image of the Occupy Wall Street movement and often leaves periodicals featuring the movement.


- An occupier from Occupy Miami spoke about the food pantry for protesters next Wednesday if weather permits.


- Also a suggestion was made about going to a nearby church that serves food.


- People from Atlanta and Alabama came up to support as well as New York based occupiers.


- Spoke about occupying forclosed homes and speeches were mades about the forclosure issues in America.


- Exchanged info about future events and proposals about things that need to be passed


- Issues that lies withing health and hygiene were brought up



People present: 37

Beginning Time: 9.22p

End Time: 10.53p


Minutes taken by Chantal OBrien

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