Community Liaison Subcommittee — Proposal

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The community outreach subcommittee will work with groups to ensure the effectiveness of the new as an up-to-date hub of information and organizing tool, as well as bring feedback from groups back to the IWG.

Role: Group Liaison

Works to onboard admins for every group. Shows them how to effectively use the site.

Also liaisons with groups that are already onboarded to ensure they effectively use the site. Responsibilities include ensuring that:

– contact info and description is current
– status updates are posted frequently
– minutes from every meeting are uploaded
– events are listed, up-to-date, and accurately reflect meeting times and locations
– all members of the group have joined online
– training sessions are regularly held
– activity and forums are active to ensure open discussion
– a culture grows where the website is an active part of groups’ everyday activity
– feedback from the groups is reported back to the IWG

Question: How many groups should each person in this role be responsible for? I guess as many as they possibly can? Should there be a max?

Role: Group subsite strategist [moved to strategy]

Works with groups to develop web presence.

Role: Info liaison

Ensures that when the Info desk learns about a new committee, they create a corresponding group on the site and add an active member as an admin to it. Reports feedback from Info back to the IWG.

Question: Is this actually going to be the process? Perhaps we should have a dedicated internet person in Info or another group(s)?

Role: Website announcements

Send weekly(?) email announcements to all users with updates on new functionality for the website.

Role: Public liaison

Respond to public questions about the IWG, e.g. from the google group or the (forthcoming) group.

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