Communications Cluster Minutes

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OWS Communication Cluster agenda

WBAI Occupy Wall St. Radio.

Weekdays 6:30-7:00 p.m.  99.5fm

New challenges in communication

PR-media curated content

Outreach listserv

How to engage people


Use of WBAI Space

1. How to physically embody the park since the eviction.  The idea of consolidation has to do with ways to put the information together in a single place.  It is important to clean up the content of the site, in order to make our own communication more fluid.  There is an explosion of groups that should be reviewed in the present situation.  There is 120 groups that should be put in touch one to each other.  Communications cluster should be a point of convergence for all the communication groups working together. 

For instance:  Outreach have materials and produce information that concern all the working groups.  Some groups have different task (discussing long term projects, organize events, outreach to different communities).  ¿Should we discuss what is the classification of working groups, or live that discussion to the spokes council/general assembly?

Important goals:  Get the info centers back.

Work together as an exchange of information and resources.

As communication cluster, let’s ask people to clarify what the working groups are doing and to provide a clear description that reach the public.

Goals for us:

-Mission statement

-Go to the GA and ask for empowerment in order to address the issue of the overwhelming number of Working Groups, and determine which groups are really active and which are dummy ones.

-Set a deadline for working groups for submitting their mission statements to post at

We should post a formal proposal for the GA. 

We need to have administrative capabilities for the working groups.  At this point, there is a setup for creating e-mail addresses under the domain with all the apps provided by Google.

Review of the agenda:

For the next meeting:

Outreach e-mail: There is a current discussion on policies about the listserv and the software to use. 

Curated content:  There is a need for curated content at is to engage more people in the forum.  The whole idea is that is a social network for the people involved in the movement, and the curated content actually is located in  However, since the working groups are set up inside the buddy press, there should be a possibility for them to use that platform to publish their own information and proposals.

Announcement from legal team:  There is a form that can be filled to reclaim the stuff lost during the eviction.  There is a proposal to fill a sue against NYPD.

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