ComHub Meeting Minutes 2/4

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Agenda (ComHub – Feb 4, 2011)

–       Attendance

  • Autumn, Phoebe, Evangelina, David, Olivia

–       Name, relationship w/infohub

  • Evangelina like ComHub because it makes clear what we do
  • Facebook InfoHub is managed by ComHub
  • Makes sense to keep it separate
  • Seemed too much like 2 different groups of people working on similar projects
  • Projects of InfoHub: ComHub, Info on the Ground, Project List Group, Newsletter, etc
  • ComHub currently manages some general InfoHub projects (ex email, Facebook)
  • Good to clarify what these relationships are

–       Scheduling, time off

  • 1 person at a time
  • Phoebe hasn’t been doing the phone since shes been at work
  • Picking up and calling right back is important
  • Phoebe says the .org emails she can work on, doesn’t make sense to do it online
  • .org emails are the only ones that would be able to be done not on schedule
  • add “gone” column to the schedule

–       New trainings

  • Evangelina can train Tara today
  • Would be useful to have a few more people pulled into the group
  • Consistent, recommended spot, 12-6 (when it’s open): Charlotte’s Place, making this a public spot where people can come ask questions
  • Do we want to post this on our group page? Not necessary, don’t want to promise that we’ll be there
  • Everyone put our feelers out for new people to join ComHub
  • Orientation more clarification on the blast, maybe part of their training is that they sit with each person in ComHub to do a shift
  • Maybe a bi-weekly meeting would be useful, sounds like that is supported

–       DropBox, Documents

  • Evangelina is sending out notices to individuals who might be interested in a specific inter-occupy call, for at least new conference calls
  • Reviews all Documents

–       What to Include for Blasts survey

  • Send out survey
  • GA/SC
  • OWS Actions
  • OWS Teach-Ins
  • OWS Community Events
  • OWS Trainings
  • Other Main NYC GA Events
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Breaking News
  • 1st Meeting for New Event/Project
  • put out a poll on nycga, and a paper poll at this weeks GA/SC
  • ComHub en espagnol (Diego is interested in doing this) could we work with the translation group, really quick? Evangelina will follow up with Diego
  • Lets clarify this over email

–       Office Materials: Evangelina can temporarily store them

  • Can we take them to SIS? Evangelina will talk to Nick
  • Do we post them on NYCGA or infohub email? Clarify this with the rest of InfoHub
  • Office closes on Monday

– emails

  • Shane from PR let E know that front facing website, want all of us to be on the same message
  • Will forward the email
  • Someone has to do the most recent ones
  • James and maybe Megan have been working on emails

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